Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 Review

The Adventures of a Kathlete / Saturday, September 9th, 2017

It’s become a tradition for me to buy new running trainers once a year in late August or early September. I begin really focusing on my Great South Run time; a run that takes place in Portsmouth in October. Although my last two trainers don’t need chucking yet, because I run a lot, they get a little tired and I like to purchase a new pair of trainers for this reason. I head to my local Nike store and, because it’s an outlet, I can grab really great trainers for really great prices. So I bought my new best friends, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 for £49, even though their original cost was over £100.


  • The colour is THE BEST. I feel so funky when I’m running in these. I am quite partial to a brightly coloured trainer anyway, but these outdo all previous trainers in the most wonderful kind of way.
  • They are so unbelievably comfortable. They are probably the most true-to-fit pair of shoes I’ve ever owned. Sometimes I’ll buy my size in a pair of shoes (size 6) and something isn’t quite right. This happened with my last pair of trainers. But these fit b-e-a-u-t-i-fully.
  • Running is just a dream in these trainers. You easily believe they are made for running, as they are branded. Some trainers you try on and you just think, really? Running trainers? And that’s probably down to the fact we all need a different type of shoe. For me, however, these trainers are so compatible with my running.
  • Naturally I haven’t tested them out for long enough for this to be a fault proof claim but they feel like such good quality. I believe this is the case for most Nike shoes anyway and I get the impression these will have life in them for a really long time.


  • The shoelaces! I knew, upon purchasing, I wouldn’t have a good relationship with the shoelaces. They’re thick and too short for my liking and come undone easily- not ideal! To combat this I’ll be purchasing some longer and thinner shoelaces and I do intend for them to be a similar colour!

Overall these trainers are something else. I really racked my brain to make this a more balanced review; to try and find at least one more con. But, man, I love these trainers. I’m excited to wake up and go for a Great South practice run tomorrow! What running trainers do you wear?

~ Kat ~

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