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It’s half one and so cold I can see my breath, and so I say this out loud. “Look, Aaron, I can see my breath,” I repeat my thought and blow out in front of me like a dragon.

I get myself ready to sit back at my workstation for the afternoon, wrapping a fluffy blanket around my waist like a skirt, letting it trail past my feet (that already have two pairs of socks on) and pulling another blanket around my shoulders to ensure maximum coverage. I consider pulling the table runner from underneath my laptop for double layering but the beeping notification of an incoming Microsoft Teams call makes my decision for me.

“Hello,” I answer, hastily unwrapping the blanket from around my top half.*

This time last national lockdown ─ you know, that tired phrase ─ I had just about got used to working from home every day before I was furloughed and suddenly had nothing but one exercise a day to complete.

This time this lockdown I am lucky enough to be working but I’ve noticed I’m starting to get a bit too comfortable in my surroundings: I have started saying ‘defo’ in meetings. Yesterday, I said ‘defo’ three times on one call. Today I said ’emosh’ un-ironically and I later had to physically restrain myself, when I picked up a call from someone outside of my immediate team, from kicking off the call with the phrase, ‘Waaddduuuuuup!?’

I meaningfully pondered whether my work set-up might be too relaxing this afternoon, as I sat mummified in blankets whilst dangling slippers off my feet.

“Nah,” I scoffed, cuddling a bright blue dinosaur cuddly toy I heated up in the microwave, as I deleted emails.

*But never the bottom half. My Skanket (skirt blanket) remains intact for the entire day. It is a conversation starter for around the water cooler heater up-er (the kettle) which goes something like:

Aaron: You look stupid

Me: I look very chic *shuffles off gracefully*

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