Dear Dublin | Day Two

Kathventures / Saturday, March 9th, 2019

Dear Dublin,

After a glorious day one that not only lived up to my expectations, but dare I say it, exceeded them, we woke up ready to see a whole new side of Dublin. After our first trip to Dublin, I realised our favourite city had even more to offer than we already had the pleasure of seeing. After having a flick through my trusty Lonely Planet, I decided I wanted to hop on the train for half an hour or so and check out Howth, a fishing village dotted with inviting fish restaurants and bars that sell oysters. Howth was SO worth the excursion.

It was a windy day with looming threat of rain and yet Howth still looked divine. We walked along to the harbour, battling Howth’s gust and ended up in King Sitric, a restaurant I wish I could revisit to actually eat at. While it was midday, we weren’t hungry and so Aaron opted for a Guinness and I ordered a hot chocolate. We peered out of the window to check Howth was getting on okay before playing a few games of Dos (the lesser known sibling of Uno) and heading back out to explore. So what else did we do?

  • We walked along the promenade and up some steps to take these very flattering selfies while Aaron complained it was freezing cold and we got down.
  • For a rest from the cold we propped up the bar in a lovely Irish pub where I ordered my new favourite drink: Jameson, lime and ginger ale.
  • We walked along the promenade parallel to the one before where we analysed EVERY menu and decided that, even if we were going to eat in Howth, it would be impossible to choose.
  • By now we were getting a little peckish so popped into Wrights Findlater, the prettiest pub with fairy lights and, of course, whiskey. We accompanied this with a bowl of chips and we were two happy little Brits.
  • We mingled through Howth’s lovely shops and decided it was time to say goodbye to Howth (for now).
  • But it turns out the bar by the train station was far too inviting to pass up. I can’t find the name of it but it was BEAUTIFUL. We sat on a sofa in the outside section and enjoyed the heaters and a glass of Picpoul.

But soon enough we were back in the wodnerful Dublin. So we put on some more sparkly clothes and headed out for dinner. We stumbled across Catch-22, a charming little fish restaurant where we tried oysters for the first time (I may have found one of the only food I don’t like) and both opted for mussels which were DELICIOUS.

After a G&T at a cocktail bar, it was time to head back to Temple Bar, where we happily spent the rest of the evening, until way past midnight (cerrrr-razy) at Auld Dubliner, somewhere we adored the last time we were in Dublin. While I went for my now very regular drink (when appropriate), Aaron enjoyed his pints of Guinness as we sung along to an amazing live performer who sung every amazing song from Circle of Life to Ed Sheeran to more Disney classics. It was one of the best nights of my life and a brilliant last night in Dublin.

Love, Kath

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