Dear Dublin | Day One

Kathventures / Sunday, March 3rd, 2019

Dear Dublin,

Although nearly a month since we visited, I am still missing my favourite place in the entire world. Dublin. The city that if you even dare ask Aaron and I about, you will regret it. It’s like an ex-boyfriend you just can’t move on from. It’s a love affair I’ll be revisiting for the rest of my life, I am certain. After visiting over two years ago to celebrate Aaron’s 21st, we were back for my less exciting celebration: the 23rd birthday. But what better place to up your birthday game than in Dublin?

Day one begun at 2AM, as we drove to Luton Airport to the sound of The Greatest Showman Reimagined and my excited chatter. Soon enough we were propped up at a bar with a beer and our hand luggage, ready and waiting for our flight. Because is it even a holiday if you’re not befriending a pint at the time you’re normally waking up for work?

And just over an hour later we were on the shuttle bus and heading towards our hotel to drop off our bags and get re-acquainted with the city. But, first? Breakfast. So with a quick Google of Dublin’s best breakfast spots, we located Lemon Jelly Cafe, Aaron opting for a fry up, while I went for a savoury crepe with bacon and cheese. Yum.

The city was beginning to wake up now. And we weren’t even feeling the effects of no sleep, just in awe of how many steps we’d reached by 10AM (over 10,000- you proud, mum?). We wandered with no agenda, around the beautiful St Stephen’s Green, the 22 acre park that was dancing in the early February’s winter sun. Joggers and dogs and Aaron and I basked in the bright blue and green day, more than happy to have no plans that to just walk. 

We wandered through the city, saying, “Remember when we popped in there last time?” and “Wasn’t that the street we went down on the way to x, y and z?!” There’s nothing like reminiscing about a previous holiday knowing full well you’re making memories you’ll cherish in years to come in the now. I’ve been lucky enough to go to Paris and Rome and New York in the last few years, but I’ll never romanticise anywhere like I do Dublin. So you’re in for a few soppy posts as I recall our three lovely days in Dublin.

It was mid afternoon by the time we headed back to the hotel to freshen up and plan our evening, knowing it was wise to head out early before we crash from our night with no sleep. So we made plans to head to the Jameson Distillery where we had SO much fun. The tour was so interesting, our guide was brilliant and, incredibly unexpectedly, I fell in LOVE with the whiskey. My go-to beverage is now Jameson, ginger and lime. You’re welcome.

After claiming our free drink, visiting Porterhouse (one of our favourite bars from “last time”) we headed to our reservation. Our favourite restaurant from our previous trip; the place we popped into for a last minute lunch on our final day. That is Boxty; my favourite restaurant of all time. Aaron went for their traditional Dublin coddle and I opted for their famous Gaelic Boxty which was AMAZING. And, of course, we had a side of the best fries ever… pancake fries. We finished with creme brulee (which the waitress and Aaron sung Happy Birthday to me with). I can’t recommend Boxty enough. The vibe is lovely, the food is incredible and the service is 10/10.

And where to head next? Temple Bar, of course. We stayed for a song and a whiskey at a pub nearby Boxty before heading to the famous pub, Temple Bar, to take in the brilliant music and the incredible crowd. Aaron and I were DELIGHTED to be back.

Love, Kath

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  1. Oh my goooodness where to begin?!?! I just loved this post! Your comparison of Dublin to an ex cracked me up. Happy belated bday by the way! That park looked so gorgeous.. love the vibrant green! Y’all did sooo many fun things- I’d love to go to the Jameson Distillery one day even though I don’t really care for whiskey- I bet the whole experience is just a blast!! So glad you had a wonderful time, Kath 🙂 Thanks for sharing, m’dear!

    1. Haha, thank you for dropping by Mack!!! I bet you would love Dublin; it’s just so FUN. Have a lovely weekend! X

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