Goodwood 10k & How I Trained

The Adventures of a Kathlete / Thursday, February 14th, 2019

A couple of Sundays ago I was up before 6AM to get ready for a 10k run in minus three degrees. I hear how that sounds. Disgusting. But I don’t mean to brag when I say, it was a pretty fun morning. My brother’s Christmas gift to me this last Christmas was to run the Goodwood 10k with him (with him, as in, with him in front of me). Here’s how it went.

Goodwood 10k

Being that I spent the week prior to the run with a cold, I decided on the Saturday night that it was probably best I didn’t overdo it on Sunday morning (with a trip to Dublin and my birthday only a few days away).

So, as we joined the crowd waiting to cross the start line, I set up my Strava but popped it in my zipped pocket just before it was time to get going. Normally my eyes are never too far from my recorded pace and the distance I’m at throughout a run. Although any other runs will be run with Strava very close to me, I absolutely loved having no idea what pace I was running at (no pacers at this race!) and having little clue at what distance we were at (bar the few cardboard pieces that let me know throughout the course).

“Crisp” doesn’t quite describe the weather. It was only about fifteen minutes in when I actually started feeling my feet and my hands. Despite this, the day was clear; blue and sunny and could pass as a summer’s day if it wasn’t the running that was making me sweat. As we ran through country roads, beside stretches of green, before heading back to Goodwood Motorcircuit to finish the last bit off with a big loop of the course, I couldn’t get over quite how much I was enjoying myself.

Running is my thing and I watch people cringe hard when I “admit” how much I love it. When I take part in runs, however, I’m always trying to beat a PB. I love this challenge and am so excited for my next running event to try and smash a certain time. Taking it easy a few Sundays ago, however, meant I truly enjoyed every step of the 10k. I never felt uncomfortable and just took in the whole run. With Strava out of mind, I sprinted across the finish line with a quite happy 56:59 time.

How I Trained

With the common cold dampening my Sunday just a tad, it might seem like the month of training was a little pointless. Alas, I think my training is what made running the race in 56:59 easy peasy. The month leading up to this bright Sunday was far from the most impressive month of training but one thing I was, was consistent. Here are a few things I did that I think helped me run a pretty lovely time without struggling:

  1. I ran a 5 mile to 6.2 mile run at the weekend every week. Amongst a couple of other weekly little runs, I made sure that on the Saturday or Sunday there was a headliner. A longer run that I didn’t take too seriously, but backed up my training to ensure I felt comfortable for Sunday
  2. I honed in on my core training again. Although pretty mediocre, I tried to focus on my abs after every run. Crunches aren’t exactly innovative but they do the job
  3. I slowly began to make healthier choices again; walking in my lunch breaks, eating more fruit & veg and remembering to drink as much water as possible. It’s amazing how these little changes improve stamina. When I’m most on my game in the food department, I’m most on my game in the running department

Goodwood 10k was a really awesome morning. Above everything, it taught me to put my phone away more often, keeping Strava out of mind every now and then. Beyond this, it has me super pumped to run more and I’ll be booking in my next run in a couple of days. Time to finally get my sub two hour marathon.

Love, Kath

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