How to Revisit a City

Kathventures / Sunday, February 3rd, 2019

Next week I am heading back to my favourite place in the world… Dublin! My boyfriend and I decided to book a last minute, birthday-themed trip to Dublin since we’d both booked a few days off of work. I’ve been waiting to head back for over two years; ever since we stepped off of the plane and landed back in the UK. With only a few days left until we head back to the land of Guinness and buskers and four-leaf clovers, I really can’t wait. But how do you plan for a trip to somewhere you’ve been before?

Get The Lonely Planet guide

As per every travel post I’ve ever written, I was obviously going to tell you to pick up The Lonely Planet guide for whatever city you’re heading back to. If you can get an edition that is year specific, even better! These guides are packed with everything; from bars and restaurants to sights and shopping. I’m a sucker for the food section and Dublin is a food hub so my guide will never be far from my hungry finger tips.

Instagram up

Any time I book a holiday, I follow as many swish-looking Instagram accounts dedicated to this place as possible. When you’re scrolling through Instagram, you might just come across somewhere you know you need to eat at when you’re back in your favourite city, or you might be reminded of somewhere you didn’t get a chance to go to last time. Instagram is my favourite place for travel inspiration and it’ll give you an abundance of ideas for your revisit.

Throwback to “last time”

You’re probably going to be saying “last time” a lot when you revisit a city. But when you’re planning your trip, use this to work out what you want to do this time. What did you do last time that you want to again? What didn’t you get to do last time that you want to now? What is something entirely different to last time that you want to do?

My “this time” list for Dublin is:

  • Last time we went to Boxty for an amazing Irish stew and pancake fries and we will definitely be heading back there this week
  • Last time we didn’t get a chance to go to the Jameson Distillery because it was shut for a refurb. This time we are going to go for a little tour and a whiskey
  • Last time we stuck to the city, which was amazing. This time, however, I want to head out a little and possibly visit a nearby beach

Take the city in

While Aaron and I are quite good at jam-packing our holidays with activities, we also just love walking about and soaking a place in. And I think a second visit to somewhere needs all of the chilled out walks with no agenda. I want to walk around Dublin and just remember the different memories we’ve already made and stumble across any new places for brand new memories. The beauty of going back somewhere is that you’ve done all the big stuff before. Go back and take the city in this time around.

What’s new?

If you’re heading back somewhere, check out something you wouldn’t have even been able to when you went last time. Maybe there’s a new bar or restaurant you want to try, or even an event that is taking place this time. There’s nothing more exciting when you’re revisiting place than something entirely new to check out.

Aaron and I loved Dublin two years ago. That was a holiday we found pretty difficult to get over. Since booking it a few weeks ago, every night has felt like Christmas eve. “Excited” doesn’t even cut it. I’m so excited to get a chance to head back to Dublin, my absolute favourite place in the world. This is going to be quite the birthday.

Love, Kath

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