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Unkategorised / Saturday, January 19th, 2019

When I woke up to the first day of 2019 I knew, alongside my resolutions, I wanted to start populating my blog with my nonsense thoughts again. *Pictures looking like Hilary Duff in The Perfect Man as she re-caps her day with the help of her keyboard.* When I fall out of blogging, much like when I avoid picking up a book, I really struggle to re-acquaint my fingertips with the keyboard. Now, however, I am perfectly emulating the blogger image; sat in my pyjamas before 9pm with a burning candle dancing beside me. Let’s get typing.

So how have I got back into blogging after ignoring it for a good chunk of last year?

Set yourself a weekly/monthly goal

When you’re getting back into the swing of writing in your spare time, set yourself an amount of posts you’d like to publish each week or month. When you’ve been off your game for so long, it may not be the best idea to set a strict schedule, but a general idea of how many posts you want to publish a week or month may do the trick.

Take lots of photos

My biggest challenge isn’t the word-vomiting onto the worldweb, but taking the time to snap some pictures to break up the… spew. I find taking photos in advance really helpful because I feel more motivated to accompany these images with whatever story I want to tell. So pop your camera over your shoulder when you’re off on a Sunday walk or make the most of any half decent January lighting we’re blessed with this month and start flat-laying.

Hobby up

While I stopped keeping my blog company towards the end of last year, I also stopped picking up books. The more I read, the more excited I am to write myself. It’s much like the feeling I feel with endorphins pumping round my body after a run. As soon as I’ve taken my trainers off, I’m more excited than ever to be productive. So pick back up those hobbies you deny yourself because you’re “too busy” and you may find they fuel your bloggy creativity.

Read other blogs

Apart from loving how 2000s movies depicted blogging and wanting to get in on that slice of pie, one of my biggest motivations for beginning my blog was all of the lovely blogs I read on a weekly basis. So go back to your roots, read through your bloggy favourites for inspiration and a reminder of why you like this blogging thing so much.

Keep organised

And, finally, my favourite and most frequently preached tip: organise yourself. I’m a big believer in things running a little more smoothly if you keep your organised hat on. If I’ve ticked off everything else on my to-do list by the time early evening tells the street lights to glow, there’s not reason to roll up my sleeves and type something up.

You know you’re doing your hobbies wrong when they become a chore. Blogging was definitely a chore towards the end of 2018; a chore that my mum wasn’t telling me to see to. If you’ve felt a little distant from your blog recently, get yourself a cuppa and bring up a new draft.

Love, Kath

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