Sunday the Sixth

Kathventures / Tuesday, January 8th, 2019

Sunday the sixth of January allowed me a sleep in. When I pulled aside my duvet, shortly followed by my curtain, a sunny morning beckoned me beyond my window. So I showered, pulled on my new favourite jumper and painted my eyes sparkly. I sat my camera on my shoulder and tied up my new and ugly (in the best way possible) leopard-print pumps. Sunday was waiting and so I gave the crowd what they wanted and, soon enough, the boyfriend and I were on our way to Arundel.

After a short journey and a parallel park on a hill, Aaron and I were in a small town neither of us had explored before. First stop? The bookshop. Well, one of the many bookshops. We dipped in and out of the unique yet understated shops, including a brilliantly vibrant tea shop and a lovely charity shop, where I dropped a few pennies on a few books (more on that another day).

Arundel is charming and warm, even in the first week of January. We quite happily would have looped around the circle of shops, cafes and pubs until night fell but, after mooching around a packed vinyl shop, Butlers was too enticing to ignore. A restaurant with the most stunning bar (with a lovely range of gins!) glistened through its windows. Fairylights hung from the ceiling and the walls and Aaron and I sat at Butlers’ bar; me with a ginger beer and Aaron with a lager. If a place could be described by a time of day, Butlers would be described by a lilac, orange and pink sunset. We will definitely return one day for one of their inviting Sunday roasts.

Alas, with a roast dinner at the forefront of our minds and the aim to find one on the way home, we slipped back into the car and, to the melodies of the Mamma Mia 2 soundtrack, we chose Chichester to be the background of the second part of our day. Specifically, we chose The Crate and Apple for a beef roast with a gigantic Yorkshire pud and a lovely selection of colours in the form of all of the good veg. If you’re ever in Chichester, you HAVE to test out this place’s roast dinners. De-licious.

Our day ended with card games and Aaron’s new vinyl record. All in all, Sunday the sixth was my favourite day of the year so far. With fifty-one Sundays of the year to go, I’m hoping I’ll have an online scrapbook full of these favourite days by the time 2019 is stepping aside to make room for 2020.

Love, Kath

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