Three Small Changes

Kathventures / Sunday, January 6th, 2019

As a lover of romance fiction (specifically Nicholas Sparks’s, of course), I definitely don’t mind the New Year romanticising some of us bathe in once we’ve said cheers and tidied away our Christmas presents. As a to-do list writer, I like having goals to work towards. For this reason, I am a New Year’s resolutioner and I’m unashamed to say it. Alongside my goal to read 52 books this year, there are three lifestyle changes I endeavour to see through. They look something like this.

Drink less alcohol

A few too many nights out towards the end of 2018 brought mornings where I had to ask, “What did I do this time?” Not only was it becoming less and less funny and more and more humiliating, I could never shake the thought of how dangerous these nights could have become. And with them came a day of feeling really quite disgusting. I’ve always liked a drink and to be merry with my friends but I think 2018 made me really realise that I haven’t been doing it right. So I want to drink less alcohol, remember the memories I’ve made and ensure the day after can be a productive one if I want it to be.

Eat more “veggie”

I can absolutely see the benefit of a vegetarian lifestyle and definitely should be incorporating more veggie meals into my diet. Vegetarian and vegan dishes can be so versatile and full of flavour and I really want to up my game this year. I’m not sure how exactly this resolution will work; whether I’ll have one veggie day a week, or maybe two. I generally want to be cooking more veggie meals like I use to; sausage and mash, bolognese and chilli. All the good stuff!

Walk more

A few days after Christmas, I ventured out for a walk with my boyfriend and his family. Walking quite lengthy distances used to be part of my daily routine. Without a licence and a car, I would walk to work, social events and all that’s in between. My family are big walkers and, while I’ve always liked it, I’ve never been on their level. Back to the post-Christmas wander. Pondering along in my new, pink fluffy coat (not an item of clothing I EVER would have put on me and yet I LOVE IT), I realised how much I adore a leisurely stroll, with no agenda and no clock-watching. At least a few times a month, I want to be heading out on a walk along the seaside.

Six days into the New Year, I’ve steered clear of alcohol, chosen a vegan meal at Waggas (Yasai katzu curry- SO good) and spent today walking around Arundel. (I’ve also finished one book; 2019 is looking on form.)

Love, Kath

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  1. These are three great goals, girl! Sounds like you are off to a rockin’ start. I started walking more in 2018, and it really does help everything- mood, anxiety, general physical health… excited for you! Can’t wait to see what this year brings ya đŸ™‚

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