A Mocktail for January

Kath's Kitchen / Tuesday, January 1st, 2019

I’ve food prepped for the next couple of days at work, completed a brief jog and thought about what recipes I want to try from my new cookbook. If you weren’t aware it is January 1st then I’ve given it away now. Happy 2019! The last two years have definitely been my favourite collection of 12 months and I hope 2019 can make it my new favourite trilogy.

As per every January 1st, I have been thinking about my New Year’s Resolutions. Some see these as pointless and I can see this too, but I like setting myself goals and so I’ll keep on making them. I will outline my New Year’s Resolutions in another post but a really important resolution for me is to drink less alcohol. I want fewer (“fewer” being none in the ideal world) debilitating hangovers that render me useless for a whole day, to have a better understanding of when to stop drinking and to generally have a healthier relationship with alcohol.

While I’m not committing to Dry January (although I could and have no reason not to), I have created a mocktail I will be drinking throughout this month and probably the whole year too. Here’s how:

Ingredients | For one

  • Lots of ice
  • A handful of frozen raspberries
  • 1/2 lime
  • 50ml pomegranate and elderflower cordial
  • Elderflower tonic


  1. Add the ice and raspberries to your glass
  2. Slice your lime in half and make two-three wedges; squeeze this lime into the glass and then add the wedges to the glass (or even use one to garnish the glass!)
  3. Measure the cordial into the glass and fill it to the top with tonic
  4. Enjoy!

If you’re doing Dry January or, like me, want to keep an eye on what you’re drinking, I definitely recommend testing out this mockail. And if you’re not, add 25ml of gin!

Happy New Year!

Love, Kath

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