How to Keep Active this Christmas

The Adventures of a Kathlete / Sunday, December 23rd, 2018

Since this Christmas break has, thus far, seen me hit the gym twice and complete a 5k run (jog- definitely a jog), I have granted my self the authority to tell you how to keep fit this Christmas. So grab a smoothie, slide on those trainers and listen up. Or, you know, park yourself in front of a Christmas movie with a tube of Pringles and vaguely absorb my mediocre advice (that’s what I’m doing right now anyway).

Get it done early

If you can, I recommend getting the workout down before 10AM. With evening plans left, right and centre (even if those plans are a glass of wine by the tree and in front of the telly), no one wants to be lunging and squatting into the night. Not only will this get it over and done with, those morning endorphins will make this festive week even more exciting. And the thought of any remaining wrapping more bearable.

Walk into Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time for long walks with friends and family; the kind of crisp, lengthy walks that get your steps through the roof. (The kind of walk that also ends with a beer at the pub. That’s MY kind of walk.) Exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise but leaves your cheeks rosy and your legs a little achy, is a festive workout we can all get on board with. Pop your Fitbit on and embrace that Christmas Day/Boxing Day walk.

Invite a buddy

There’s no easier way to get yourself motivated than by inviting a partner along with you. My brother and I are mixing it up this year and planning on running a 5k on Christmas morning. It’s easy to keep yourself accountable when someone else’s Strava heard you make that promise.

With a week and a bit off, I’m feeling pretty happy at the sight of my workout leggings and excited to reach some fitness goals. My plan is to run a few miles and lift some weights most days, but eat a whole load more pigs and blankets. That’s pretty balanced, right?

Love, Kath

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