20/52: This is Going to Hurt

Kath's Bookshelf / Saturday, September 15th, 2018

I can’t quite believe it but I actually, for the first time throughout my reading challenge, have a back catalogue of book reviews to post. I set myself the, in hindsight, ridiculous challenge (which you can follow over on my Goodreads account) to read fifty-two books this year. While I am far from being ahead, I’ve got my bookish mojo back (the lamest “mojo” one can get back) and I definitely got it back because of this book. Yes, that book that everyone and their next door neighbour has read. This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay should never stopped being discussed and I’m going to start discussing right here.

Upon the NHS’s staff coming under extreme criticism a few years ago, Kay thought he should share a slice of his journey as a junior doctor to challenge the views bigger voices were suffocating the general public’s opinion with. Throw me back to this time and I definitely remember good people all around me taking on the views that were being fed to them via their television screens. I can only hope Santa leaves this under the tree for them this year. It’s a book good people (and the bad ones too!) everywhere need to digest.

This is Going to Hurt is compiled of Kay’s brutally honest entries, all about his days on the NHS front line. This book made me laugh on public transport; which, being very British, is incredibly unusual for me. But Kay and his stories are just so unquestionably funny. For every ten I-might-have-just-peed-from-laughter moments, though, there is one entry where you will forget to breathe for the anecdote is just so, so heartbreaking. So heartbreaking that you’ll want to jump back in time and take back that offhand comment you made about the NHS that time.

You get a real insight into what it means to work for the NHS. The reward that is by no means financial; the very real mental health implications; the almost tangible effect it has on every worker’s personal life. They quite literally give up big parts of their lives for a system that promises to be there for us throughout our lives. And while I am in awe of their work, I truly believe our NHS workers shouldn’t be giving up their life in exchange for their job. Something needs to change.

This is Going to Hurt has made me feel an extra layer of love for the NHS. It’s made me defensive and it’s made me frustrated. We hear this fact over and over again but the NHS is disgustingly understaffed. It’s understaffed and yet staffed with the most compassionate and brilliant humans who turn up to work and stay there for far longer than the rest of us do. And then they do it again the next day. It’s an absolute crime that our hospitals are full of staff that are being overworked and underpaid. The book is hilarious but it really, really hurts.

After one tragic day, Kay threw the stethoscope in and, thank goodness he did, because he otherwise wouldn’t have had time to put this amazingly poignant book together. Whenever you are next in town or at the supermarket, do yourself a favour and pick up This is Going to Hurt.

I rate This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay as 5/5!

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Love, Kath

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  1. lol- bookish mojo.. I might steal that!! You are seriously inspiring me to read more. Thanks for the review of This is Going to Hurt, Kat. Sounds like a great read! Hope you are well!

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