17/52: One of us is Lying

Kath's Bookshelf / Saturday, July 14th, 2018

I finished my seventeenth book of the year earlier this week, alongside my mum. Well, shortly after my mum because I’m not sure she actually ever stops reading. We decided to read One of us is Lying by Karen. M. Mcmanus at the same time which, being that it’s a whodunit, it was quite a fun week. One of us is Lying is yet another read that either all your friends have read or they will read before the year is up. I am reading fifty-two books this year and am slowly catching up with Goodreads’ expectations over on my Goodreads account. So before I get back to reading my eighteenth read of 2018, I will review my seventeenth.

Five students are in detention; the smartest girl in the school, everyone’s favourite sportsman, known drug dealer and prom Queen leave all as murder suspects. Creator of the app About That, Simon dies later on that day, before he can let their high school know about these four’s biggest secrets. One of us is Lying switches from the four suspects’ perspectives, as we wonder who did it.

One of us is Lying is Gossip Girl meets Pretty Little Liars and I LOVED it. I didn’t immediately gel with any of the four main characters. I wasn’t sure I was supposed to. As the novel develops and the characters feel they only have each other on their sides, I was drawn to each and every one of them. Alongside the high school drama, the important issues and struggles high school students face being highlighted and the general mystery, One of us is Lying is addictive. Like so many books I’ve read this year, if I could have sat at home all day, I would have read it in a day.

As I thought, I’m struggling to review this, in fear of spoiling anything. I’ll conclude by saying the book, like every YA fiction, does an awesome job of allowing readers to explore deeper into the novel than simply what the author chooses to tell us. We see the damage of high school gossip and the novel both shows and tells us how we, as human beings, should be treating each other. I loved the main characters and how the tragic and bizarre situation they found themselves in broke down high school expectations and boundaries.

If you’re off on holiday soon and wanting to find a book that’ll help you segregate yourself from who you’re holidaying with (because readers don’t go on holiday to spend time with loved ones), this is the one for you.

I rate One of us is Lying by Karen M. McManus as 5/5!

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Love, Kath

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