The Mini Edinburgh City Guide

Kathventures / Thursday, June 14th, 2018

Edinburgh, it’s safe to say, stole my heart. It’s a grand but cosy, loud but content city that is easy to get lost in. Thankfully, though, it’s even easier to find a nice beer. The streets are hugged by buildings that exhale the city’s rich history and charming culture. If you’ve not been to Edinburgh and it’s not on your bucket list either, then you’re doing something very, very wrong. Let me walk you through the Edinburgh city Aaron and I saw a couple of weeks ago. I’ve told you about Edinburgh’s half marathon, the food and the drink scene but now it’s time to get down to the touristy nitty gritty.


Walk the city

Edinburgh has so much to offer in the way of grand sights and little gems that you’ll only stumble across if you walk the city. Even after a half marathon, we couldn’t wait to tackle the relentless hills (obligatory complaining about our thighs and calves was a thing, of course) just because it’s the perfect city to simply walk around. Most of the time we were walking with no agenda, either to check out monuments like the Scott Monument or the Dugald Steward Monument or to walk the Royal Mile. Because, trust me when I say, that walk never gets boring. With the beautiful castle waiting at the end of it, it’s a worthwhile tourist-filled walk. Simply choosing to have a wander around often led us to finding cute independent shops, awesome bars and restaurants with menus we needed to test out.


Experience its experiences

Edinburgh has so much to offer in terms of fun and interesting experiences. From whisky experiences to testing out a five course Scottish meal, you’re going to have a hard time being bored in Edinburgh. If were were there for a couple of days more we would have definitely visited what we heard is the awesome Edinburgh Zoo and learnt some more about scotch. But let me tell you about the experience we did get to experience.

Aaron and I went on Edinburgh Gin Distillery’s Gin Connoisseur Tour and it was really awesome. We had the most brilliant guide who talked us through gin’s history, how Edinburgh gin is made before letting us try lots of their wonderful gins. On top of this we got to take home our very own 20cl Edinburgh gin (whether that be one of their liqueurs or the normal Edinburgh gin) and explore the gift shop with a 10% discount code (which we used to our full advantage). As we’ve visited gin distilleries before, I was worried about the crossover in information. Although we learnt a few facts we also learnt when we visited the City of London Gin Distillery, we learnt plenty of new facts. My favourite one being that ladies used to sport a glass handbag in the shape of a pig that was filled up with gin. Genius. I need one.

Edinburgh has so much to offer in way of experiences and it’s such a lovely way of spending a few hours. Especially when there’s gin involved!


Make time to chill

And that chill time will be well spent if it’s at Princes Street Gardens. It’s as though Aaron and I were pulled towards the gardens everyday. We spent a wonderfully sunny afternoon in the gardens, with Dobble and a cake each. It’s one of my favourite memories of the trip. It’s grand and green and hilly and I wish it was just round the corner from my home. Edinburgh is a fast-paced city that demands you should take a break every now and then. You must make the most of Princes Street Gardens if you’re heading there any time soon.

Aaron and I didn’t even nearly experience the whole of Edinburgh, but what we did experience was absolutely breathtaking. It’s the city our dreams are made of and I really recommend spending a good portion of time walking around before scheduling in an experience or two and then taking some time to recuperate in the stunning Princes Street Gardens. Ah, Edinburgh, I miss you.

Love, Kath

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