April Eighteenth

Kathventures / Friday, April 27th, 2018

Last Wednesday my mum and I slipped on our tea dresses and headed out into the sun for, essentially, our perfect day. It was the first day of spring that felt like summer; the day that would oversee our afternoon tea at The Ritz, our trip to see The Lion King and our dinner at Flat Iron. I challenge you to name a better April eighteenth than ours. Pssst: We also got free salted caramel ice cream so I suggest you back down immediately.

the ritz champagne.jpg

Afternoon tea at The Ritz consists of a tea of your choice (I went for orange and passionfruit), unlimited finger sandwiches and little cakes, as well as, of course, scones (both plain and fruit), clotted cream and jam. My mum and I also opted for a glass of overpriced but bubbly and nice champagne. Our decision to go for the gold liquid was based on the question, “If you don’t have a glass of champagne at The Ritz, where else can you?” I gathered it would be necessary to rate the sandwiches (with 1 as the best and 6 as “the least best”) and so I’ve done just that below (you’re welcome):

  1. Cucumber with cream cheese, dill and chives on granary bread
  2. Cheddar cheese with chutney on tomato bread
  3. Ham with grain mustard mayonnaise on sliced brioche
  4. Scottish smoked salmon with lemon butter on sourdough bread
  5. Egg mayonnaise with chopped shallots and watercress on white bread
  6. Chicken breast with parsley cream on malt bread

the ritz us.jpg

We had the loveliest start to our afternoon at The Ritz. It’s been our goal ever since I can remember and it certainly lived up to expectations. The staff were Disney-film-charming and super attentive. The food was out of this world; if I wasn’t so full I could have quite literally asked for unlimited scones until I was kicked out, a couple of hours later. The interior design (*nods nonchalantly as if I know what I’m talking about*) was so stunning I could have looked around, childishly excited, for ever. For afternoon tea lovers like my mum and me, this is truly the best experience. I really recommend it.

the ritz mum

The rest of the day was equally as British. We walked to The Lyceum Theatre to see the much-loved theatre production of The Lion King. It’s a show I’ve always wanted to see; I’ve repeatedly been told it’s a completely unique theatre experience. And it really is just that. As much as you may scoff beforehand, you really do forget the characters on stage are humans. Party because they are so insanely talented; partly because it’s so magically produced. I left the theatre completely astounded, singing the soundtrack, with a belly that laughed off the fancy carbs I’d previously consumed. I was ready for some steak.

After brightly coloured drinks, steaks and too many sides, my brother, my mum and I had a final walk around our capital city before heading home. April eighteenth was one of the best days in my history of best days. Our experience at The Ritz popped “The Ritz” at the top of my “Best Afternoon Teas” list and The Lion King is now my third favourite show on a very long list of favourite shows. Possibly less importantly, I now understand the creamed spinach obsession at Flat Iron. I do, however, insist the aubergine is the best side.

On that note…

Love, Kath

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