How to Keep Up with Your Goodreads Challenge

Kath's Bookshelf / Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

Being that I’m four books behind schedule, I’m not sure I’m the right person to be dishing out reading advice. I am, however, giving myself a kick up the rear and getting down to business. For most people that means something way more kickbutt than getting home early from a night out, wrapping a blanket round you and reading a few chapters of your current read. But, like I said, I’m four books behind schedule and nothing short of a miracle needs to happen for me to keep my book nerd status. Today I’m sharing with you how I’m making that mini miracle happen; because I’m really hoping I’m not the only one who begins to get the sweats half way through the night when my nightmares remind me of the sorry state of my Goodreads account.

Always bring a book with you

Always bring a book with you and read at every opportunity you get. Take a book with you to work; arrive early and speed-read a chapter before you head in. Take a book with you to the gym; read a few pages after you’ve swum and you’re waiting for your mum to finally finish getting changed. Just me? Take a book with you to your boyfriend’s so your new favourite book has your back while your boyfriend starts planting his fruit and veg. Again, just me? As long as you’ve always got your book in your bag, you have no excuse but to stay on schedule. *Says the person who is too scared to log onto Goodreads.*

Read before and after sleep

I find myself feeling less intimidated by my Goodreads challenge when I read a chapter before I sleep and a chapter once I’ve woken up and made myself some eggs and bacon (the dream). Not only does it set you up for dreams that feature your favourite characters, but, if you want, you can ignore everyone else in your home and escape into a different world before the commute to work. As long as you read before and after you sleep, you can excuse the lack of speed-reading because, as my mum says, as long as you’re trying.

Pick out some shorter reads

Once you’ve finished a read that has taken longer than expected (*cough Ready Player One cough*), pick out some shorter reads you’ve been wanting to read. There’s nothing wrong with getting your numbers up with some one hundred page reads. At least that’s my plan once I finally finish reading Ready Player One. It will be that or I’ll choose to re-read my childhood favourite Cathy Cassidy reads.

Anyone else considering deleting their Goodreads account?

Love, Kath

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