An Ode to the Disorganised

Unkategorised / Monday, April 23rd, 2018

I’m an organisation freak. Alongside my ability to cross one eye while moving the other (Britain’s Got Talent, eat your heart out), I consider my organisation my most valuable skill. Although I don’t think my family who have to tolerate my sometimes frequent alarms do- I’m working on it, mum; I promise. Once upon a time I was less-than-mediocre to mediocre at organisation. I was often a last-minute-do-er and experienced that panicky, “Why didn’t I start this earlier?!” feeling in my gut. During my final year at university, however, something awoke inside me and I, not only became a dedicated list-writer, but I─and I don’t mean to boast (I totally do)─completed them on a regular basis. Today I’m here to share with you five tips that aid my love for organisation.


Prioritise, prioritise, prioritise

So often we prioritise incorrectly. Maybe we don’t work hard enough but definitely know how to get to the pub with our eyes shut. Or maybe we work all the hours under the sun and have forgotten what an ice cold beer even smells like. I write literally everything on my to-do lists; from what workout I’m doing, what job I’ve got that day, as well as any freelance writing, appointments and social events I need to get done or go to. Each day I’ll prioritise what needs to get done the most. Whether that’s a piece I need to send off to a company or even whether that’s going to the cinema with a friend because I haven’t seen them since 2017. On each of my to-do lists, I’ll know what order I’ll need to complete my “to-dos” in; this way, I get everything I need to done. And if I don’t, I’ve got the most important things done. My smug final tick off my to-do list at the end of the day is generally down to prioritising well.

That balance thing people rave about

I use to say “yes” to every social event that popped up as a notification on my Facebook and ensured all of my spare time was filled with something. The word “balance” is thrown around a lot and, since uni, I’ve started to see what all the fuss is about. Not only do I know when to stay in and get some work done, I know when I’m frustrated with my to-do lists and I need to pop to the pub and see some friends or stay in with my book and a gin and tonic. Understanding when you need to work hard or play hard leads to getting more stuff done in the long run.

Do things in advance *gasps*

I’ve recently fallen behind on my beloved blogging schedule which is just about the most uneventful statement anyone has ever made. But it hurt my organised obsessed heart. At university I started to really understand the benefits of starting assignments as soon as I got them; even if that just involved writing a handful of notes. Since I’m a big fan of Mondays (I’m starting to really realise how lame I am) and that “time to get stuff done” feeling they inspire, I’ve already begun scheduling blog posts for this week and writing notes for freelance work due later this week. Doing things in advance allows for guaranteed organisation.


As I finish off writing this post, I’m ready to tick off “publish blog” and read a chapter of my book. Because, yes, I have “read book” on my to-do list.

Love, Kath

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