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Kathventures / Friday, April 20th, 2018

Wednesday hosted the day I’d been dreaming of ever since I first relished in the taste of a warm fruit scone, paired with the richness of clotted cream (which must always be spread first) and, of course, the sweetness of bright red strawberry jam. Yes, my mum and I finally experienced afternoon tea at The Ritz. It had been a goal of ours for forever and a day. But the day finally came and I truly believe we were the most excited guests at The Ritz. While everyone else looked cool and collected, we fangirled over the finger sandwiches and mini cakes as we tried not to spill anything on the table cloth. My mum pieced her outift together over a matter of weeks, whereas I, on the other hand, ordered my dress at the weekend with next day delivery. Despite being organisation’s biggest fan, I’m not good when it comes to outfit shopping. Better late than never, though! Here’s what I wore!

the ritz dress

The dress (£25)

When thinking about what I would wear to The Ritz, I wanted to look so floral I’d blend in with the furniture. I also wanted to wear what every tea party requires: a tea dress. So I searched “tea dress” into possibly every online clothing store you could think of. This ASOS (petite) dress stole the show and it was the perfect dress for the mid 20s heat we ended up having! Although dresses aren’t my thing, I have a feeling I’ll be finding every excuse (anyone around for a tea party next week?) to whack out this dress over the next few months.

The shoes (£35)

I’ve a temperamental relationship with heels and so our trip on Wednesday required a pair of shoes that would support me for at least a couple of hours on my feet. I had already trialled out these Marks & Spencer (laugh all you like; Clarks and Marks&Sparks are THE BEST for shoes-that-won’t-make-your-feet-hurt) block heel boots and they only brought a slight ache the morning after. Hallelujah. Despite pretty quickly changing into my spare shoes (mucky white pumps- that’s my comfort zone) after The Ritz, I still stand by (rather than stand in, because I’m currently in my mucky white pumps, of course) the claim these are uber comfy. For once in my life, I feel ever so slightly chic in these boots, while staying very smugly in my comfort zone.

The denim jacket (£40)

This what-dreams-are-made-of denim jacket (that was too hot to suffer in for a picture but I wore it when it got one degree cooler in the evening) is from ASOS’s denim collection. It’s my newest favourite staple, thanks to it being a gift my boyfriend gave me for my birthday (ten Griffiths-points for Aaron). It’s hard not to feel super slick in this jacket, with UNO in my top pocket and a spare pack in the other. They see me rollin’. Being that I’m not the best at wearing dresses─especially flowery ones─this denim jacket makes me feel less alarmed by my own outfit. Thanks AG for this midwash blue beauty new best friend of mine.

Wednesday saw my mum and I arguing over the “Which Goes First- Cream or Jam?” debate in the middle of The Ritz, before resisting the urge to sing along at the Lion King and then eating steak and too many sides at Flat Iron. It was a quintessentially “us” kind of day and I’ll be documenting it further next week on the blog!

Love, Kath

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