My Three Favourite Workout Classes

The Adventures of a Kathlete / Tuesday, April 17th, 2018

As someone who works wacky hours, I struggle to find the time to attend workout classes. As someone who adores workout classes, this can be pretty frustrating. Classes tend to be an energetic, sociable and fun way to exercise. My gym membership is all-inclusive and my favourite way to get my money’s worth is through attending workout classes. I love putting on my favourite leggings and joining other excited gym-goers, probably alongside my mum. But what are my three favourite classes?

Spin class (endurance)

I have only been to one endurance spin class so it’s probably a little over-eager to put this class on the list but I LOVED that one class. As soon as I get my rota through, it’s the class I try hard to factor into my week (thus far, I’ve obviously been unsuccessful). One of these days my schedule and spin class will perfectly collide. When I did attend a spin class, though, I felt like I was in THAT scene in Bridget Jones’s Baby. And I ADORED it. Spin class is challenging, intense on your poor legs and completely rewarding when you step off the bike, fearing your legs have turned into jelly.

Legs, bums and tums

I recently heard someone say, “You will never see me at a legs, bums and tums class,” no matter their age. My advice is, don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. This class is HARD. As a runner with pretty strong legs, legs, bums and tums has taught me I’m far from invincible. Throughout the squatting and lunges, my legs burn and I wonder how so many people look cool and collected. My abs are guaranteed to cry for at least three days following the class and, as for the “bums” section; it feels as though I’ve been riding a bike the next day. Ouch, legs, bums and tums is brutal.


Ah, Zumba. The class I’ve been attending on and off for the last few years. It will always have a special place in my heart. As someone who throws very questionable shapes on the dancefloor, I was surprised to find I fell in love with Zumba when our love affair begun a few years ago. Since attending a couple of different classes and a Zumbathon (four hours of Zumba-ing with different Zumba instructors), I’ve realised the difficulty of Zumba can vary massively. I definitely recommend checking out a few different ones so you can find your perfect Zumba intensity!

Workout classes are one of my favourite workouts to chuck into my weekly schedule. Even if it’s as gruelling as spinning, it still feels like a fun break from the leg press or a run. Everyone around you wants to have a bit of fun while pushing themselves too; it’s so easy to feed off that energy. Through dipping in and out of various workout classes, you’ll likely find a couple you’ll never want to live without! What are your favourite workout classes?

Love, Kath

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