Three Rainy Bank Holiday Weekend Reads

Kath's Bookshelf / Saturday, March 31st, 2018

Rainy bank holiday weekends are almost a given in the UK. They probably wouldn’t feel right without a relentless pitter patter against the window as we try to resist eating Easter eggs we’ve bought for other people… Just me? Yesterday, as I attempted a Spring clean (and failed), I came across three books that are perfect for rainy day escapism; especially over a bank holiday weekend. So here are three books that can keep you warm while we welcome what seems like a chilly April.

You’re The One That I Want by Giovanna Fletcher

There’s nothing like a love triangle to see you through the bank holiday weekend. Giovanna Fletcher’s second novel follows best friends, Maddy, Rob and Ben. They’ve been there for each other through it all; uni, heartbreak and the start of adulthood. With Rob waiting for her at the alter, Maddy battles with the thought that one decision made from the heart could change everything. The two best men Maddy has ever met are in love with her but could their friendship survive the complicated spoken and unspoken feelings that threaten their “Tripod.”

One Perfect Summer by Paige Toon

Alice meets Joe when on holiday in Dorset. After one perfect summer together, Alice is soon at university in Cambridge, punting on the River Cam and falling for Cambridge University student, Lukas. As she goes about her life, Joe is suddenly very much so back in her life; although very, very out of reach. Alice struggles with her heart and her mind: first love or a love that makes sense?

An Offer You Can’t Refuse by Jill Mansell

At seventeen years old, Lola is provided with an offer she has every intention to refuse… A bribe from her boyfriend’s mother, wanting Lola out of his life: £10,000 in exchange for breaking up with her son, Dougie. But when she realises how the money could help her family, she takes the money and leaves Dougie. Ten years later, Lola is unexpectedly back in Dougie’s life. After he finds out about the bribe, he has no intention on allowing Lola to win him back. But she can at least try…

I read all three of these books over four years ago now. Although I’ve forgotten intricacies, after reminding myself of their synopses, I remembered exactly why they are three of my favourite books “chick lit” has to offer. Fletcher, Toon and Mansell are masters of their genre and revisiting these novels has inspired me to scroll through Amazon, looking for more “chick lit” to brighten up my bookshelves. And future bank holidays, of course.

Love, Kath

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