Review: My ASOS 4505 Leggings

The Adventures of a Kathlete / Sunday, March 11th, 2018

ASOS is my go-to site to order new workout gear from so, when they announced their very own fitness line (named ASOS 4505), you can imagine my excitement. Upon release, I headed straight over to ASOS to check out the range and struggled to add just the one item to my basket. I regretfully managed it and, a few days later, I was acquainted with my current favourite pair of workout leggings. If you’re questioning whether you should order any items from ASOS’s new range, I’m about to give you a brief run down on what I purchased.

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ASOS 4505 Run 7/8 Legging in Cutabout Multi Print

  • Price: £20
  • Size bought: 10
  • Fit: Close-cut bodycon

The leggings are fitted, colourful and true to size. While they fitted well, the leggings have a little excess material in parts, especially behind the knees. They are wonderfully stretchy; something that should prove to support ASOS’s claim that they work well in the gym. The price is reasonable as I think, if they were sold for Nike/Adidas prices, you’d be a little disappointed in them. You get what you pay for but that’s definitely not a bad thing! ASOS 4505 allows for customers to purchase affordable and good quality workout gear that will last.

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For running

I first tested out these leggings on a 10k run. They worked brilliantly in that the material allows for all the movement a medium-distance run requires. The material was far from suffocating and I felt awesome in them, largely because of the epic print. At the beginning of the run, however, the waistband didn’t stay put which was a little infuriating. I had to keep pulling them up for the first mile or so. They soon stopped fidgeting, though, and stayed put for the rest of the run.

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For the gym

I was glad to see ASOS’s claim was true. These leggings are branded as suitable for the gym and I couldn’t agree more with this assertion. I tested them out with a gruelling leg day and they stood the test of lunges and squats. While they budged a little on my run, they didn’t in the slightest throughout my workout. They proved comfortable and loyal, making them one of my go-to pairs of leggings for the gym.

leggings photo kick

A conclusion


  • Affordable
  • A range of awesome prints (and more subtle pieces)
  • Wash well
  • True to size
  • Do the job well


  • Tendency to not “stay in place”
  • Excess material

Love, Kath

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