Three Products for the Sleep Deprived

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For the last half a year I’ve spent my nights sleep-working. Let me explain. For reasons unknown to me, about four times a week, after I get in from work, I go to sleep and find myself in a weird sleepy trance whereby I am “working” in my bedroom. I have previously “pulled pints,” “set tables” and “greeted customers” from any time between one and three in the morning. I quite literally can waitress in my sleep. (It’s okay… I find it funny too.) Although a good conversation starter, it’s safe to say my weird sleep issues have lead to me feeling pretty tired over the last half a year. While I don’t believe many products magic away sleep problems, there are a few that have made my nights a little less… frustrating.

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Sleepy – Lush

Everyone and their dog has heard of Sleepy. The pot of sleepy potion that has given Lush fans “the best sleeps of their lives.” As of yet I can’t make such a claim BUT it does make me feel very zen; very relaxed. It’s famous for its lavender scent and it is dreamy. Lush’s Sleepy is super creamy and sweet too. It reminds me a little of Lush’s Snow Fairy scent; the kind of smell my nostrils are always looking for. When I get in from work, am in my dachshund pyjamas and ready to read a chapter of a book (I’m essentially my mother- the only difference is she has westie dogs jimjams), I rub a little on the back of my hands. When I wake up the smell of the lavender makes me feel less stressed and more likely to fall straight back asleep.

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Night Time – Pukka

Upon researching, I found I probably needed to create myself a steady night time routine. It sounds very lifestyle blogger but I’ve found it works. It’s likely that my mind needs time to calm down after a night at work (hospitality doesn’t exactly provide you with “normal” working hours). So, as often as possible, I try to make myself some kind of warm drink (without caffeine) and wind down without my phone; so very mindful. I’ve found Pukka’s Night Time to be a really good option- thanks Eirlys! If anything tastes like “calm,” it’s this tea. And what with my active mind, this drink tends to do the job.

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Lavender oil

Although my lavender oil isn’t sweet like Sleepy (it has a more “medicinal” scent), I dip a little bit of this onto tissue when I’m feeling extra tired. I sleep with the tissue like a child with their blanket… Or, like, me with my blanket. You can find this in pharmacies; my friend, Alissa, got my some after she heard about my sleep-walking adventures. When your doctor laughs at you when you bring up your sleeping concerns (“Lots of peoples’ sleep suffers because of work”), it’s nice to know pharmacies are stocking little gems like this. Again, I don’t believe it’s a complete problem-solver (I can still sleep-walk when I use it) but it does, like the other products put me in the best kind of sleepy mode before and during my sleep.

I’m hoping one of these days my bizarre sleep will be a nightmare from the past. In the mean time, though, you’ll find me lathered in sweet moisturiser, drinking soothing tea and sniffing lavender-infused tissue.

Love, Kath

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