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Unkategorised / Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

Back in university─when I ate spaghetti and sausages from a tin, purchased Lidl’s version of Malibu and ate packed lunches while friends bought food from the uni cafe─I shopped until my bank balance had no more room left to drop. Despite being sensible in the food and drink department, I was not a girl that could ignore Topshop’s window display as I walked past. It was even no good when I had my eyes closed as I walked by. I still somehow ended up, starstruck, in the middle of Topshop, with sweaty palms and five items in my hands. I don’t mean to brag but I’ve kind of become a fully-fledged adult since and developed an ability I never had before; to go into Topshop and not hurt my bank balance’s feelings.

But that boring version of me wouldn’t inspire a very entertaining blog post. A couple of weeks ago, I did what I used to do best and I walked into Topshop. I went into the changing rooms and ignored my better judgement. I fell─head first─in love with everything. I came over in a hot sweat but then, all of a sudden, a kind of calm flooded through me. To the me that was staring back at me in the mirror, I reasoned, “It’s your birthday eve. Get out that plastic.”


The jumper (£25)

I’d given this jumper the eye just a few weeks before. Bright orange and slightly cropped, my mustard yellow jumper had some competition. I could barely tear my eyes away from it but, alas, I did. Heartbroken but hopeful, I exited Topshop with my I’m-such-an-adult-now pride still intact. Fate did what it does best, though, and reunited me with the comfiest jumper ever (comfy but slightly unflattering). What’s more, fate had taken some money off of the original price and so I looked at Aaron with assured eyes, “Well I just have to get it then, don’t I?” It’s the kind of orange that reminds me of SunnyD and Wotsits… Who doesn’t want an item of clothing that provides its owner with such innocent nostalgia?


The shirt (£30)

It’s kind of horrific, isn’t it? In the last half a year I’ve developed an intense love for weird shirts. The kind of shirts that my mum looks a little stunned by when I perform my very own fashion show that she definitely didn’t did ask for. I feel very Dougie Poynter in it and, when it comes down to it, that’s all I could ask for in my fashion sense. This shirt sits proudly in between my giraffe print shirt and my frilly lip print shirt. Upon looking at my shirt collection, it’s immediately obvious I’m in the midst of a quarter-life crisis. And I’m okay with that. My newest slightly outrageous shirt tucks comfortably into jeans and looks adorable peaking out of a jumper. I totally recommend this shirt if you’re looking for clothing that inspires both feelings of love and hatred from those around you. Because, trust me, your friends will voice their opinion.


The rest of it

If you’ve gathered anything from this post it’s that I fall in love with pieces of clothing and put them altogether in one outfit for absolute no rhyme or reason.

Love, Kath

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