My Three Favourite Workout Leggings

The Adventures of a Kathlete / Thursday, February 15th, 2018

As someone with more than enough workout leggings to go to the gym every day for a week and wear a different pair to each visit, I think I qualify as a personal activewear shopper. Nothing─and I mean nothing─excites me more than a workout in a fresh new pair of leggings. So, what with being a 10/10 leggings hoarder, I thought I’d talk you through my favourite leggings and where you can get them from.


The Go-To Running Leggings – F&F Leggings (£16)

The leggings in the picture above are the comfiest pair of workout leggings I own. They’re from Tesco─yeah, you heard me right─and they tick every box. I’ve actually shopped at Tesco for workout clothing for the last few years and they have never let me down. Although I wear these leggings for any type of workout, I think they’re best suited for running. They’re light, easy to move in and a little more funky than your average black pair of leggings. While the link above isn’t an exact copy of my leggings, they’re pretty similar and the exact same price. So, for only £16, you can get a flattering, stretchy-in-all-the-right-places and kick-butt piece of workout gear.


The Gym Class Leggings – Gym Shark Fit Leggings (£30)

If a Gym Shark pair of leggings didn’t feature in this post, it would probably definitely inspire feelings much like those we all felt throughout and after the La La Land/Moonlight fiasco. Gym Shark have got it down when it comes to workout leggings. This pretty simple but entirely effective pair are £30 and worth every last penny. They only way I can explain the brilliance of these leggings is that they move with you. I have worn them to each workout class I’ve gone to in the last month and they’ve proven perfect for spinning, for squats and sit ups and for circuits that make you want to lie down and sleep for twenty-four hours. Gym Shark live up to the hype and I totally recommend these if you’re looking for a pair of leggings particularly suitable for workout classes.


The Gym Workout Leggings – Reebok Tights (£21.48)

*Cries silently when realises I paid double the price for these than they are now.* These unbelievably “Instagram” leggings belong in the gym. You know when you pretend you’re featuring in the best music video of the year as you burst into the room of weights, machines and body odour? Just me? Well, these leggings just make you feel like the bee’s knees. They’re the stretchiest pair of leggings I own which makes for excellent squatting material. While being incredibly pretty, these marble-print bottoms back you up all the way; much like the greatest wing-man as you’re willing yourself to carry on. Especially now they’re half the price I paid for them, I recommend these if you’re a gym bunny.

What do you look for in a pair of gym leggings?

Love, Kath

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