How to Wake up Early to Workout

The Adventures of a Kathlete / Friday, February 2nd, 2018

Although I used to prefer working out in the afternoon or evening, I now like starting the day by upping my heart rate. Recently, however, I’ve been trying to get into the habit of waking up in the early hours to workout. It’s something I find far more natural in the warmer months but something I’ve enjoyed doing in the last week. Through compiling what helps me get up at at six o’clock or before in the morning in the summer months and, also, what I’ve learnt in the last seven days, I’ve created a how-to on waking early up to get your sweat on.

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  1. Make a decision to workout early the next day and immediately set your alarm accordingly. I set my alarm ten minutes earlier than I really want to get up. If I’m surprisingly sprightly upon the first alarm, I get myself straight out of bed. Up and at ’em!
  2. If you’re struggling with motivation, get someone else involved too. I drag my mum into early Saturday morning gym plans because then she can drag me too.
  3. Prepare your clothes, a bottle of water, breakfast if necessary or a snack if not, and anything extra you’ll need in the AM to make that wake up far from stressful. I feel like I can’t make any sleepy excuses when my workout clothes are ready and waiting right next to my water bottle.
  4. Get an early night. I’m obsessed with counting how many hours sleep I should get once I’m in bed and then, in the morning, how much sleep I did actually have. If I get an early night or come home from work and follow my relaxing nighttime routine (which importantly includes ignoring my phone as much as possible), I will maximise the hours I’ve slept and have little reason to complain when the six o’clock alarm sounds.
  5. Set a glass of water beside your bed. If I wake up during the night (whether that be for a toilet break or because of my weird sleep-working habit), I can sip on some water that will prepare my body really well for an early morning workout.
  6. When morning does roll around, get ready as quickly as possible. If I lazily eat a banana and tie up my hair, I’ll become more and more frustrated at the idea of choosing to workout out instead of sleeping. If I get going, I get going. Warm your body up and begin your workout.
  7. Note down your workout. Whenever I work out (whether it’s one hundred sit ups, a walk to work or a gym class) I note down my activity on my phone. It helps me keep track of my week and feels particularly encouraging when I’ve fitted in a really early morning workout on one of my busier days (which is when I generally feel the need to wake up an hour or so earlier to workout).
  8. Once completely finished with your workout, cool down sufficiently and recover well. Eat something sufficient and hydrate yourself properly. The better I recover (which is, for me, largely down to my own actions) the better I feel about early morning workouts.

Have you got any tips for waking up early for a workout?

~ Kat ~

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