Dear Stomach: Five Tips

Unkategorised / Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Dear Stomach,

You and I don’t always get along too well. Even when I think I understand you better than anyone else, I’ll get on a train and you’ll complain all the way there. Or I’ll wake up to make myself some eggs and you’ll, pretty soon, tell me off. We have a love-hate relationship but I’ve not yet given up on you. I believe that if I set you and I some guidelines─provide us with some helpful tips and tricks─we could be the best of friends. I’m thinking if I follow the following pointers, you might co-operate. One thing for sure is that I’m certain you’ll let me know.

Oil of Peppermint

Don’t overeat

Every time I choose to eat one more this or one more that, I learn my lesson… one final more time. In fact, I learnt this lesson again last weekend when I went to eat sushi with a friend. I ate two more dishes than I really wanted to. I’m generally quite good at stopping before I’ve crossed the I HAVE OVEREATEN line, but, often in social situations, I get carried away, enjoying the food and the moment. Ultimately, however, I didn’t enjoy those last two dishes because of the ominous feeling in my stomach; even if I really wanted to try the dishes. I must listen to my body and stop when it tells me to stop. Or, as I experienced last Sunday, my stomach can become really defensive and angry with me; which, on Sunday evening, made me feel particularly uneasy as I tried to sleep.

Stay away from THOSE foods

Learn from what hurts. Although I never want my lifestyle to be restricted by labels such as “good foods” and “bad foods,” over the last few years I’ve learnt what foods put my stomach on edge. For me, it seems to be fried and battered foods, processed and high in unnatural sugary foods, dairy products like cream and, when overeaten, cheese. Small quantities of the above don’t wake up the beast inside my stomach, but as we’ve learnt from the point above, overeating them will only lead to discomfort.

Hydrate and hydrate well

Keeping hydrated is important for everyone; everyone knows this is an important lifestyle trick. My stomach generally feels more settled when I’m drinking lots of water and peppermint or green tea. Whether it’s true or not, sometimes a peppermint tea saves the day when my stomach has a tiny blip.

Avoid caffeine

While I’m a big fan of tea, my stomach is grateful when I’m wary of caffeine. I never overdo tea enough to regret it, but, while I love coffee, I rarely have it. And when I say “I rarely have it,” I’ll have it once a half year. Whenever I drink coffee my stomach feels like it’s been ripped to shreds. So, despite loving coffee, I must stay far, far away from it.

Keep your friends close, keep your oil of peppermint closer

I don’t often feel like I need to be saved by Holland & Barrett’s oil of peppermint capsules but when I need them, I need them. I can generally sense when they’re the best option and one capsule on that particular day does the job brilliantly. When I visited New York last year I had one a day before we headed out into the Big Apple. One of my biggest fears of visiting New York was my temperamental stomach. Holland & Barrett definitely handed me some respite for my stomach.

Be kind, stomach.

~ Kat ~

P.S. While I have a slightly irritable stomach, I’m lucky it’s just that. I find it very manageable and mostly easy to control. If you think you could be suffering with something that requires medical attention, I urge you to see your doctor immediately.

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