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Unkategorised / Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Ever since I was a little girl, watching Winnie-the-Pooh with childishly happy eyes, I have adored the colour yellow. It was always my favourite colour. Even though I decided blue was for a little while (I really was, as my brother protested, simply copying Jordan’s favourite colour), and a little later green took its place, deep down I believe yellow has always been my favourite colour. I distinctly remember my younger self believing yellow is the happiest colour. My reason was, naturally… Because it’s the colour of Winnie-the-Pooh! Today, I’m quite the lover of all clothing and accessories that are a mustard yellow. Today I wanted to share with you my two latest mustard yellow favourites.

The jumper

New Look: £17.99

Just before Christmas I fell in love with this jumper. I stroked its cuffed sleeves with puppy dog eyes as I stared at my boyfriend. He convinced me I shouldn’t be buying any clothes so close to Christmas, as my primary aim of the day was to finish my Christmas shopping. I reluctantly agreed this was a sensible conclusion and moved to the scarf section to buy a present for someone else. Quite simply, the jumper was on my mind all over Christmas; I’d been searching for the perfect mustard yellow jumper for some time by this point. And I’d found it! How could I be so stupid to let it go?

On Christmas Day, I opened my gift from my boss. As an envelope revealed a £20 New Look voucher, my mind went straight to my beloved jumper; the jumper with “balloon” sleeves, a high neck and a slightly cropped bottom. The New Year brought with it one mission and one mission only: Purchase My Mustard Yellow Jumper. Last week I walked into New Look, gift card in hand, my eyes excitedly darting from one item of clothing to another. And there it was. High up and one left in my size. If I was less of a cynic I might just call it fate.


The bag

Accessorize (similar bag- in blue): £32.00 (no longer on site)

On an earlier Christmas shopping trip last year, my boyfriend picked up my mum a bag from Accessorize. I, however, was a little distracted by a laptop-sized rucksack hanging on the shelf; practically made for me. I was in love but, knowing I had money to spend on Christmas presents and Christmas presents only, I was forced to move on. I barely thought about the bag again (apart from, naturally, when passing an Accessorize) until Christmas Day when I was at Aaron’s house. I squealed as I was reunited with the bag love of my life and the bag and I have been inseparable ever since.

IMG_6220.JPGAlthough these two new favourite toys of mine complement each other a little too much (so much so most wouldn’t advise one wears them together), I am not afraid of overdoing the mustard yellow. This jumper is flattering and, despite definitely looking it, not itchy at all! I wear it as soon as it’s washed and I float around feeling like Winnie-the-Pooh all day long. It’s the only mustard yellow jumper I’m going to need for a long, long time. Now, onto fangirling about the bag. As someone who loves rucksacks and lugging along a lot of things on a daily basis, I couldn’t have found a more perfect bag. Both my boyfriend and I wondered if the bag was entirely practical… I can confirm, however, that it is. It truly is. Let me list what I pop in it in the morning before I then walk to work:

  • Laptop
  • Laptop charger
  • Phone charger
  • Purse
  • Book
  • Diary
  • Brush

And what’s more… It doesn’t hurt my back one bit! I’m really surprised myself to say it but it’s true. I walk a forty-five minute walk to work and this bag doesn’t cause me even the slightest bit of back pain!

To conclude, mustard yellow is my colour for 2018. What’s your 2018 colour?

~ Kat ~

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