Five Feasible Resolutions

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It’s the first of January and, after brunch and a pint of water, the muggy feeling has almost lifted and I’m very motivated about this brand new year. New Year inspires segregation; it creates a few categories of like-minded first of January people. Some hate that fresh start feeling; others see through the hangover and wake up on the second, resuming life as they did in the previous year. I, however, fall in the other category. love resolutions. I love turning over a new leaf, having a fresh start and starting that spring clean three months too early. Oh yes, I am that friend. This year I wanted to share with you five resolutions I have stuck up on my door that I think most of us can follow this year.

52 Books

Always read

Although my recent reading history hasn’t proved it, I am a bookworm. I have previously claimed that we should all be in the process of reading a book… all of the time. I personally believe that most of us have no excuse to not pick up a book and absorb a story or learn of someone or something or events we weren’t around to experience. And so, with this in mind, my first New Year’s resolution is to always read. Every day. An extra addition to this hope for my 2018 is my decision to take part in a Goodreads challenge whereby I will aim (with little belief in myself) to read fifty-two books in 2018. I also want to, once a month, buy a book from a bookshop to aid my reading journey. You can join me on my journey over on my Goodreads account– I’d love to follow you too if you’re taking part in any reading challenges!

Do that thing

Yes, you know what I’m talking about. That thing. The thing that makes you a little nervous but is also entirely exciting to you. During Blogmas I published a two part story on the blog. Although, due to time, I wasn’t overly proud of the result, I was super chuffed that I had the guts to pop one of my little stories online for anyone to read. So my “that thing” is to write and publish a few short stories here on my blog this year.


Drink more water

Most of us admit we should be drinking more water. The benefits are endless and yet we still don’t drink as much water as we should do. Recently a friend from work and I have been recording how many pints of water we drink, aiming to beat the other by the end of the working day. I totally recommend getting a friend involved in your New Year’s resolution to drink more water. I always feel the benefits of drinking lots of water when I do keep on top of it. With this in mind, I must have a sip of my water.

Make my free time… free time

I often struggle to properly switch off. Even on days off I am still writing blog posts or taking photos for blog posts or obsessively writing to-do lists for the next day. My time off never wholly feels like time off; even though the tasks I decide I must do are happy little hobbies that no one needs me to complete other than me. I want a decent amount of time a week where I’m not a slave to my creative juices and to-do lists.


Pay less attention to phone

Although I’ve been far better at ignoring my phone than previously, it is a resolution of mine to idolise my rectangular device far less in the New Year. Being a millennial, forgive me, but, I do wake up and check my phone immediately. I do however feel a sense of relief when I ignore it for hours upon hours. It seems a little unnatural to be so glued to a tiny screen. 2018 will hopefully see me value lots of time without my phone.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Will you be undergoing any of my five?

~ Kat ~

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