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Kath's Kitchen / Saturday, December 16th, 2017

Dear December Sixteenth,

After the roast potatoes, Christmas cake and boxes (and boxes!) of Christmas chocolates have been eaten, we all look forward to the New Year and that fresh start the first of your older sibling’s month, January, promises us. Once the hangover has passed after midday on New Year’s Day, of course. While I like to think health and fitness should be an all year round goal, I am someone who adores the thinking behind a clean slate; the start of a New Year meaning anything can happen. So, December, why not gift January with a book that celebrates health and/or fitness this Christmas?

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Get Fit, Get Happy by Harry Judd

I’d assume if someone asked a family member or friend what are my two favourite things, they’d probably respond, “McFly and running” (some may replace running with calamari, though). So when McFly’s drummer, Harry Judd, announced he was releasing a fitness book, it was like the wish I never knew I was wishing came true. What’s particularly wonderful about this version of a health and fitness book is that it really feels like it’s for everyone. From workouts that involve office equipment to dance routines to get your heart pumping, this book offers a really unique way to get fit and, of course, get happy.

In a world still plagued by stigma, it’s also refreshing (in a way that makes you punch the sky and say, “YES!”) to see a focus on mental health. Harry discusses his struggle with anxiety and how fitness has always been there for him to fall back on. I’d love for all of my loved ones struggling with mental health to have a read through this book. Harry really understands what a loyal friend exercise can be when suffering with mental health issues.

You can purchase Harry’s brilliantly positive fitness book from Amazon, currently for £5.10!

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Cooking for Family and Friends by Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks is a family favourite. My brother and I have been using his Lean in 15 books for a couple of years now; our firm favourite forever being his chicken, chorizo and mozzarella one pot. My brother gifted this family and friends inspired recipe book to my mum and, brilliantly, I know a handful of people in my parents’ generation who love the recipes in this book full of healthy and yummy dishes. My mum’s favourite recipe in the book is the baked chicken sausage risotto. I can vouch for the fact it is delicious. 

I think this book works as a great Christmas present because Christmastime often sees friends and family gather together to celebrate. So to achieve a bit of balance after the red wine and mince pies, the receiver of this gift could get the family involved in making a fulfilling and lean family dinner! Imagine that, December, you and all of your family of months gathered round making a risotto in the week after Christmas!

You can buy Joe Wicks’s family friendly recipe book from Amazon, currently for £7.99.

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Eat Smart by Niomi Smart

Niomi’s Eat Smart is a recipe book full of satisfying plant-based recipes! Her recipes and photographs prove that sporting a meat-free diet doesn’t have to be boring! It’s my New Year’s Resolution to open up this recipe book more frequently. I’m a big supporter of eating less meat; I think it’s a brilliant aim for a plethora of reasons. I’ve adored every recipe I’ve tried from her book (particularly her smoothies and ice lollies) and I can’t wait to use the book more next year.

Eat Smart also explores Niomi’s general health and fitness lifestyle; we learn that she loves exercise because it makes her feel great physically and psychologically. Niomi spreads a really positive message and, considering vegans and those on plant-based have a really tough time in terms of constantly being chastised, I think Niomi brings a really balanced voice to the table of health.

You can pick this book up from Amazon, currently for £13.60!

I think these three books are wonderful companions for the friend or family member looking for a “New Year, New Me” start to 2018. All three authors are personalities I find incredibly inspiring to follow when it comes to their health and fitness journey. If you still have a bit of Christmas shopping left to do, December, I totally recommend all three of these books. I’ll speak to you tomorrow!

Love, Kat

P.S. Just to add a bit of context: In December, over on my old blog, I “wrote letters” to December every day until Christmas Day.

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