DIY Christmas Memory Line

Unkategorised / Monday, December 11th, 2017

Dear December Eleventh,

In a day’s time most of us will be celebrating your main event in the form of Christmas trees, festive front of house displays and a wreath on the door. Our tree, traditionally, goes up on the twelfth- or as close as to the twelfth as possible. As I’m sure you’ve already seen, December, ours is already up. My brother won’t be home until around about the twenty-first of your month so we wanted to decorate it before he left. Upon popping the tree up, however, we realised we had forgotten to retrieve its decorations from the loft. Oops. So with the tree looking a bit bare, I’ve made a little DIY decoration to drape across it for the time being. This decoration, however, can be popped wherever you fancy. Let me explain how to make it!


What you’ll need 

  • Fairy lights (the copper, white light fairly lights above were £2.50 from Primark)
  • Festive pegs (my pegs were £4 from Paperchase)
  • A selection of photos taken at Christmastimes previously
  • A few light Christmas decorations
  • Optional: A marker pen

IMG_5737IMG_5758How to get creative when you‘re not the most artsy person

  1. Find Christmassy photos that you’ve never framed or used in any way before- maybe even print photos you’ve never even printed previously!
  2. Purchase appropriate batteries for your lights to avoid disappointment when you get your DIY Christmas memory line up.
  3. The optional tool comes in now. Add an extra layer of special to your handmade decoration by writing little details about the photos on the back. Maybe you could write the date the photo was taken, where the photo was taken and if they’re really old school, who is in the photo! I chose not to do this as these are really old-school photos that we may not have duplicates of!
  4. Pop your lights wherever you’d like them to go. A mantelpiece would work really nicely but, as I’ve explained, I’ve popped mine on my tree!
  5. Once the ink on the  back of the photos has dried, with the help of your Christmassy clips, clip your photos and Christmas decorations onto the fairy lights.
  6. Switch on your lights and admire your one of a kind decoration!

IMG_5720IMG_5747December, how do you choose to decorate your home over the festive period? I would guess a lot of snow and red, gold and green would be involved. If you have the time, I’d love to hear. You know where I am. Have a lovely day, December.

Love, Kat

P.S. Just to add a bit of context: In December, over on my old blog, I “wrote letters” to December every day until Christmas Day.

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