How to Gift a Disposable Camera

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Dear December Eighth,

I visited New York during your older sibling’s month; this November gone. But that’s not really what I want to write to you about today. Before Tarryn and I left for our Big Apple adventure, I gifted her with a disposable camera for her birthday. Attached was a mini card with twenty-two (for she was turning twenty-two) ideas for pictures she had to take with her camera, once in New York. For example, December, I ordered her to get me to take a photo of her with a Manhattan Cocktail (see the second picture) and get a photo of her with a New York cop (not featured in this post). I don’t know if you’re behind with your Christmas shopping, December, but if you are, I might just have the thing for you. Here are three thoughtful ways you could gift someone with a disposable camera.

Blogmas cocktail

Making a holiday out of home

December, do any of your loved ones live in an adored destination? Maybe London, Cornwall, Berlin or Barcelona. Maybe they should stop doing only what they know and venture out of their comfort zone within their own home. Here’s an idea for that loved one.

  • Buy a disposable camera.
  • Purchase a Lonely Planet book written for the place they live in; allow your loved one to be an explorer in their own home.
  • Using little post-it notes, find eighteen (for the two-thousand-and-eighteenth year) places to see, eat or dance and tell your loved one they must experience just this.
  • Instruct that they must take a photo of each experience with their disposable camera.
  • Gift them with a mini scrapbook where they must stick each disposable picture.

Blogmas polaroid one

A decoration of memories

Have you a loved one who has recently moved home, December? I think this idea is for them.

  • Buy a disposable camera.
  • Buy a big board of some sort- a pin board or a photo board.
  • Buy a market pen.
  • Gift them with all of these three things with instructions that explain your loved one must use their disposable camera to capture homely, lovely moments; noting down somewhere the date of the photo and what they are doing. Once all photos are used up, they should print the photos, write information about the memory on the back and attach them to the board. They must then pin up the board somewhere- in the porch, an office or the living room. Their new house now becomes a home.


The photographs of people

I’m not sure about you, December, but photographs of smiles and laughter make the best photographs. We all want look our best in photographs and yet, when Tarryn took these photos of me, I was very much wrapped up in the moment- in all of these photographs I am caught off guard. I didn’t prepare my hair or tell Tarryn to take ten more photos to ensure there was one I like. There was one shot and yet I love them, December. The best gift you can give is one that keeps on producing smiles- effortless smiles that aren’t posed or edited.

  • Buy a disposable camera.
  • Instruct your loved one to take a photo of their loved ones until the limit of the disposable camera is used up.
  • Tell them to store their photos in a pouch on their dressing table or even to give the photos away to the star of the photograph. Tell them to use their camera wisely and carefully; tell them to enjoy taking photos of their favourite people. Capture their loved ones looking so super happy; catch them off guard- they really do make the best photos.

BlogmassssDecember, I adore the photos Tarryn’s disposable camera captured. I think there’s something so precious about the prints disposable cameras produce. They’re essentially a one of a kind photograph and it makes the memories made in the photograph all the more special. I told Tarryn she must stick these photos in the scrapbook I provided her with- it’s going to look awesome when it’s done. A disposable camera would provide a gift that keeps on giving this Christmas.

Have a brilliant day, December. Maybe take a photo or two if you’ve got the time.

Love, Kat

P.S. Just to add a bit of context: In December, over on my old blog, I “wrote letters” to December every day until Christmas Day.

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