Why You Should Travel With a Friend

Kathventures / Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

A couple of weeks ago I spent five days in New York City with my best friend, Tarryn. Travelling with a friend is something that seems to be underrated. When we’re younger we often holiday and explore the world with our families. When we’re a little older we may still get on a plane with a families and/or our partner. I’m here to tell you why going on an adventure abroad with a good friend could just make for a brilliantly memorable trip.


A different kind of experience

I think when you travel with your family or your partner, your intentions are different to when you travel with a friend. And for good reason! When you travel with a friend, you’ll experience an entirely different kind of holiday. You know what your kind of family holiday looks like; maybe it’s museum trips, card games and early dinners. Maybe with your partner a holiday is early mornings, beer in the afternoon and slightly more expensive dinners. All of these things are great but, with your friend, your holiday will look a little different. For Tarryn and me, our city break was early nights when needed, quick and spontaneous decisions and a lot of selfies.

New experiences

Maybe you’re used to going on holiday with your family to see and experience particular things. Perhaps your holiday is guided by activities each member of your family chooses. When you’re travelling with your friend, you’re likely going to experience things you’ve never done before or things you wouldn’t even think of doing. I, for example, went to a concert on holiday- which I’ve never done before. A concert of a band I never listened to and now really enjoy. Tarryn saw a theatre show with me; my thing rather than hers!

A unique adventure

You’re sort of expected to holiday with your family and partner. It’s not as “part of the contract” to holiday with your friends. I think, for this reason, this will sprinkle a little special over your holiday. Maybe you’ll never holiday with this friend again (not because it’s terrible) and so every day will feel a little novel.

IMG_4950Lots of laughter

Holidays can be tense times for families and partners. They’re hopefully more fun than stressful but you’re unlikely to bicker with your friend- especially as having any arguments with your friend on holiday is more likely to break a holiday than an argument with your family or partner would. This unwritten acknowledgement that you kind of shouldn’t annoy each other ensures lots of laughter, chatter and a good time with your best pal.

A sense of independence

You’re maybe used to travelling with your family and able to trust your partner to help you resolve any holiday problems. When you travel with your friend you need to be on the ball. It’s a coming of age adventure, almost. And trust me, you’ll feel a huge sense of achievement when things go smoothly or you overcome mishaps! (Tarryn and I high-fived a lot on the first day, simply for checking in and getting on the plane successfully. It’s the little things.) Tarryn, however, was the Queen of the subway.

More than any of the reasons above, travelling with a friend is a fabulously unique kind of experience because you get to spend days with someone who you normally only get to spend a few hours with! I more than recommend organising some kind of trip with a friend. New York with Tarryn was far too much fun and I have a feeling we’ll be chatting about our five days together for the next forever.

~ Kat ~

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