The Fourth Day | New York, New York

Kathventures / Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Last Saturday was mine and Tarryn’s final full day in New York. The city that’s so nice they named it twice. It was still chilly in The Big Apple but not quite as biting as the previous day. We had pre-booked tickets for the Ellis Island ferry and so we hopped on the Subway and, within no time, we were staring at the beautiful Statue of Liberty, towering above us tourists. Freedom and the American Dream was in the air on day four and it was a pretty sweet taste.


The ferry to Liberty Island is brief and brilliant as you wave goodbye to the Manhattan skyline for a little while and say hello to the most iconic statute in the whole world. Unfortunately my camera lens was a little icky on Saturday and I didn’t realise until after (hence the slightly shoddy pictures when you look closely!). Liberty, however, is far too glamorous to not share because of a silly splotch. The Statute of Liberty is traffic-stopping and awe-inspiring and anything and everything you’ve ever heard that it is. More than anything, she is BIG.


It was hard not to be pulled back towards the Manhattan skyline, sitting proudly across the water. The word “impressive” seems like an understatement and it felt even more special with a blue sky watching over it. New York quite literally stands tall against the evil it has previously experienced and you can feel this wherever you are in the city. The skyline really does take your breath away while you remember what a special city you are in.


After posing for photos and getting a good look at the statute, we were back on the ferry again and heading to Ellis Island. I felt an intense atmosphere almost as soon as we stepped off of the boat; Ellis Island was once where immigrants would travel to. They would take on treacherous journeys in the hope that they would soon be living their very own American dream. The museum was informative and extensive and it really allows for museum-goers to imagine what Ellis Island would have been like a hundred or so years ago.


Our evening started with a pizza by Brooklyn Bridge before we had a chilled out look around local shops. We slowly walked around Wall Street and spent our final evening with a bright yellow pineapple cocktail in a restaurant and bar by our hotel. We opted for an early night, waking up to half a day left. We went back to our favourite place, Times Square, dropping some dollar until we had to head home. Boo!

New York is as dreamy as they say. It’s busy and awake and never boring and it was an amazing trip. While I’d love to return one day, I may not and I’m happy with the maybe once in a lifetime trip I had last week. I totally recommend Chelsea’s City Room Hotel- the rooms were perfect for us, despite the hotel being really quite hot. The staff were super helpful and it’s in a really accessible location. I must also add that Virgin Atlantic made for a very comfortable and easy journey to New York. Our whole city break was smooth and easy and I’ll be wanting to travel back in time and experience it again for the rest of my life!

Goodbye New York. <3

~ Kat ~

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