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Kathventures / Thursday, November 16th, 2017

Last week I hopped on a plane with my best friend Tarryn to take on the Big Apple. The city of big lights, big skylines and big names. After Tarryn insisted we go to New York to see her favourite band, Tegan and Sara, we only had a few months to save up and plan for our very own once in a lifetime trip. So after seven hours of seven episodes of Big Little Lies (thank you Virgin Atlantic!), we were on our bunk bed at the wonderful Chelsea City Rooms with a couple of sizes of pizza in our hands and day one waiting for us.


This year November 8th opened its eyes to a Wednesday. A chilly Wednesday; but nothing too brutal. Our hotel was a five minute walk from Penn Station and a ten minute walk from the best cookies this world has ever created (from Empire Cake!). Crunchy, gooey, sweet and salty, Tarryn and I were in love. In true holiday style, we had a cookie breakfast, passing Halloween leftovers on the way. We headed to the incredible Times Square, the place we fell in love with a little more with every day of our trip. Herds of yellow taxis, never ending theatre fronts and shopping bags in every tourist’s hands; welcome to Times Square.


Next we made our way for a stop that was sure to be emotional. We visited the 9/ll memorial and museum. The sky was blue up above our heads and it made for a contrast with the sad stories we were about to read; the reminder of the horrific 9/11 attacks that took place with another blue sky as its witness. The museum was incredibly powerful. It was really something to feel sorrow and to grieve with strangers by your side mirroring your exact emotions. My thoughts couldn’t escape the victims and their families. Despite everything, the museum offers hope; it offers the reminder that we all stand hand-in-hand in the face of such horrific attacks.


After staring at the glorious manmade waterfalls made in the name of those lost in the 9/11 attacks, Tarryn and I went to Mudville 9 just around the corner. We shared fried mozzarella (SO good!) before I ate my beef burger and Tarryn ate her veggie burger. I enjoyed a Bud Light before it was time to retire back to our bunk bed in a room and get ready to see Tarryn’s favourites.


We spent the evening of day one in Brooklyn, at the most beautiful theatre. Tegan and Sara played The Con X Tour in Brooklyn Theatre where I finally got to see Tarryn’s love of five years sing their ten-year-old album, The Con. And it was really something. The Canadian twins played an acoustic set of all songs on The Con as well as a few other fan and band favourites. It’s normally me bringing a friend to McFly gigs and I very much enjoyed being that very friend that watched Tarryn fangirl and smile and cry. The concert was really fab!

Pop back tomorrow to read about day two of our New York adventure!

~ Kat ~

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