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The Adventures of a Kathlete / Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

In the days leading up to a race, I channel my love for organisation in every way possible. A plethora of to-do lists on the notes section in my phone is the centre of this organisation. I have separate to-do lists for things I need to buy (maybe bananas quite a few days before so they’re ripe enough for the morning of race day), what I need to do the night before (e.g. cut toenails), what I need to do on the morning of (from putting on my race number to getting someone to remind me to re-tie my laces just before the start) and what I need to pack in my bag. Well that was a long sentence of me fangirling about organisation. Fifteen year old me Me two years ago would be proud. So what do I always have in my race day backpack?


It only feels right to section this into subheadings. Let’s do this.

Food and drink

  • Banana
  • Trek bar
  • Tub of grapes (a nice throwback to opening my lunchbox back in infant school)
  • Two bottles of water

Running SOS essentials

  • Four spare safety pins (my race number went rogue this year at the Great South so I should have ensured it was on okay with the help of more safety pins)
  • A brush/comb
  • Two spare hairbands
  • Five spare hair grips (if you’re going out after and your hair has a mind of its own like mine, you’ll be grateful)
  • Extra pair of socks
  • Deodorant

The usual

  • Purse (for a celebratory gin and tonic)
  • Keys
  • Phone charger/portable charger

I always fear that I’ll be hungry before or during an event day run. And, because I overthink it, I inevitably am hungry. *Enter incredibly over-prepared silver rucksack.* Bananas, as everyone will tell you, are a good’n and I love tucking into my favourite healthy snack in form of a protein flapjack. Trek bars are SO filling and SO yummy that you’ll feel totally satisfied. I pack an extra water bottle so that I can sip every now and then before the race and still have a completely full bottle to start a race with. I either dip in and out of a tub of grapes or have a little after-run snack to greet me at the finish line- after I’ve devoured everything in my goody-bag, of course.

What do you always pack in your event day bag?

~ Kat ~

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