The Yellow Dress and White Platforms

Unkategorised / Sunday, July 23rd, 2017

I’m officially a Cardiff University English Language BA graduate. Welcome to the real world, honey. The day was fantastic; the weather, lovely. I left my outfit until the very last minute (five days before). As much as I love clothes, shopping for a dressy-up outfit isn’t my thing and I also got beyond bored of scrolling through websites. *Gasp.* My friend Courtney saved the day and we went on a no-stress-allowed-here shopping trip, leaving with a dress, shoes and bag. Success. So just like dress shopping isn’t my thing, I thought I’d compile a whole post talking about my “graduation look,” as it were. Zoella, eat your heart out.

Grad 1


Tenki yellow v-neck floral tie back dress – Debenhams (£20 – I paid £25 in store!)

White platform strap heels – New Look (£29.99)

This dress is completely not me. Although I love bright colours (and yellow is my favourite of them all), it’s particularly flowery. Yet, when I popped into Debenhams  and came across the Tenki section, it caught mine and Courtney’s attention. Although it didn’t match the colour of my robes at the back, I don’t think it really mattered. It lies just above the knee which seems like the perfect length. All the same, before I found the shoes and bag it felt a little “wedding guest-y.” I’m not into heels too much but these platforms were way more comfortable and I felt made the dress that bit “cooler.” The shoes did rub a little bit (I had to change to flip flops for half an hour!) and have left me with some graduation scars, but, in comparison to other heels of mine, they were fine. Added bonus: I did get my own shoe-adjuster with them, too (my mum).



White laser cut shoulder bag – New Look (£12.99)

Sparkling love knot earrings – Pandora (£50)

Sparkling heart stacking ring – (£80)

Heart stacking ring – (£40)

Michael Kors bracelet

Despite loving jazzing up outfits with accessories (Does my vocab give away that outift posts are not my forte?!), I can be a little lazy. But Monday was my chance at living High School Musical 3 for real. So I silver-d up to feel that little bit more sparkly for when I was to head up on stage, begging myself (like everyone else) to not be the one who trips over. The day before Aaron gave me the most beautiful Michael Kors bracelet but so I didn’t accidentally see the price I’ve simply linked the bracelet section of the site for you!



Smoky eyeshadow palette – Naked (£39)

Supercat Soap and Glory Eyeliner – Boots (£6.50)

Benefit They’re Real Mascara – Boots (£20.50) [a product I’m boycotting after its usage]

Rimmel Wake me Up concealer – Boots (£5.49) (I used the shade True Ivory)

Barry M Molten Metals: Copper Mine (hands) – Barry M (£3.99)

Barry M Frosted Cupcakes: Marshmallow (feet) – Barry M (£3.99)

After receiving the Naked Urban Decay smoky eye palette for my birthday from Aaron’s sister, Hannah, I have been a little more experimental than my usual “eyeliner + mascara = done” routine. I get incredible stage fright when it comes to going outside of my comfort zone with make-up, terrified I’ll have to keep starting again and again. I genuinely got up 40 minutes earlier than probably needed so I could take it slowly! I was often caught muttering under my breath, “You can do this, Kat. You can do this,” providing my own moral support.

What I did (bare with- I do not know the lingo):

  1. I covered my whole lid and brow bone with the shade Thirteen
  2. I coloured my lids with shade Dirtysweet as well as just above
  3. I brushed Radar onto the outer corner of my lids
  4. In the crease of my eyes I applied the shade Whiskey until it looked super dark
  5. Add on fleek eyeliner and a couple of layers of mascara

Following the ceremony and photographs we went and had the best afternoon tea of my life; my outfit seemed pretty perfect for this fancy hotel and celebration too. Despite wanting to choose a white outfit to match the robes perfectly (and my friends in white looked FAB), I am glad I went with this yellow, flowery and not-Kat-at-all dress for my final Cardiff University celebration. I went to see the Addams Family musical last night and when Wednesday wore a yellow dress, her family were shocked: You’re wearing yellow?! I laughed extra hard at this point because it’s exactly what I said to myself when I saw myself in the mirror on Monday morning!

Cardiff, you’ve been delightful.

~ Kat ~

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