Red Hood; White Silk; Black Cap

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On Monday I graduated from Cardiff University with a 2:1 in English Language (BA). After a year of thinking I’d made the wrong choice with regards to university, Cardiff became a second home in the two years following. Monday began with blue skies and sleepily excited eyes. Aaron and I waved goodbye to Cardiff the evening before with a trip to The Stable: a pie, pizza and cider restaurant we have always wanted to try. And it was delicious. We had a final trip to Peppermint (one of our favourite bars) afterwards and, twelve hours later, we were picking up my robes and cap; taking pictures before my mum and brother arrived.

Grad 6

7:00: Up and at ’em

10:30: Snazzy costume pick up

11:00: All of the “Throwback Thursday” Instagrams taken for the next five years

13:00: Rehearsal and then The Real Thing (I didn’t trip up, yay!)

Grad 215:00: Change to flip flops due to severe injuries from my shoes

15:30: Shoes back on for a plethora of photos and hat throwing fun

17:00: The best afternoon tea I’ve ever eaten

19:30: Home time

Grad 8The day was full of smiles from 7am until 7pm. Not only did I feel proud of myself but I felt proud of my b-e-a-utiful friends. I’ve had the most wonderful time with them at university and it’s odd that I won’t be seeing them for tired 9ams during the week. The ceremony was short (considering I thought it would be four hours long) and sweet. I very much enjoyed walking across the stage, pretending to be Beyonce (although definitely far less skilled in heels… and… as a singer). I loved watching my coursemates enjoy the final part of their degree and I felt particularly proud when our degree was confirmed in Welsh and we tipped our hats before clapping ourselves. After all of the hard work, it was pretty special and, for us, I think, quite monumental.

Grad 0Grad 4IMG_3365.JPGI’ve already heard a couple of 17/18 year olds voice their worry with the help of that popular question: To uni or to not uni. As much as it might suck for those who are confused, there just isn’t a right answer to help everyone. I could never speak for anyone but myself. However, I can note a few defining moments that more than confirmed university (and sometimes confirmed that Cardiff was always going to be my uni) was the right answer for me. Receiving my first 70+% in an assignment was one. Running the Cardiff Half Marathon. Wearing red, white and black as I walked across the stage at my graduation ceremony was the final confirmation. I definitely understood university was the right choice for me way before Monday, but at the very last point I could possibly appreciate my choice, I did.

I’ve earned myself a degree from Cardiff University and I’m really quite chuffed about it.

~ Kat ~

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