Five Ways to Detox Better this Summer

The Adventures of a Kathlete / Monday, July 10th, 2017

With summer under way, a lot of us are excited to be outside, using our legs as much as possible and feeling a bit damp on the forehead. Like all year round, however, it’s easy for us to become obsessed. People are after a quick fix but being healthy and fit isn’t something that we achieve just as quickly as a Tweet can be sent; being healthy and fit doesn’t even have an end point. It freaks me out to see the unhealthy lengths people go to: bizarre fluid-only diets; skipping dinner; too much exercise. I have made the choice to make a few more conscious health choices and here is how I’m detoxing in the hope to feel a bit more fresh for the summer in the most mind-healthy and body-healthy way possible.

Detox1. Give up or limit alcohol for a while. Summer might feel like the couple of months where limiting alcohol consumption is impossible- Sunday pub garden trips; BBQs; weddings; picnics; holidays. I nearly made the choice not to carry this out just because I didn’t want to miss out. To miss out? Yup, that’s actually what I thought. Our society relies on alcohol to have a good time and I’ve realised how bizarre this is. The last month I have been limiting my alcohol consumption as much as possible and, after realising I was drinking a few too many beers, I am trying to switch beer for gin and tonic where possible. Although I nearly bought a few beers for an evening down the beach with my friends a few weeks ago, I was grateful to (obviously) find out, I have just as much fun with fruit and my water bottle.

2. Drink lots of water. Although simple, we all find this step harder than it should be. I have been sipping on water frequently, and choosing to have a fruit tea or water when I feel a bit peckish- often we snack when we think we are hungry even though at the roots of it is thirst. While this would be advisable all year around, just make sure you’re always carrying water with you all day long. I’m quite prone to heat exhaustion so have learnt my lesson one too many times- water up! It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in the heat; even if we are enjoying it. The UK has seen some amazing weather the last month or so and I only feel fresh so long as hydration is my best friend.

3. Cook from scratch. Cooking during the summer is so much fun: shove some fruit in a salad to liven it up and chuck all of the veg ever into your pasta in the evening. There is nothing more rewarding to me than cooking from scratch. As always, I completely recommend Joe Wicks for this step. He produces the most easy, comforting and refreshing recipes, perfect for a summer detox that never leaves you feeling hungry or unfulfilled.

4. Walk everywhere. Walk to work (if possible); walk when you’re hungry but know you’re not really; walk to dinner or the pub; meet your friends for a walk instead of a Netflix session (boo!); spend a day walking around a beach (like I did yesterday!). Even when I don’t fancy walking but have to to get somewhere (I will start driving soon!), as soon as my feet have stepped a few steps, I feel relaxed. Mentally, walking for 30/40+ minutes is a detox most of my days crave.

5. Just keep swimming. Swimming is my new favourite way to wake up. Nothing makes me feel more accomplished because it’s quite the challenge for me. A lot of us think swimming is just for holiday but I’ve really enjoyed visiting my local pool once or twice a week. It’s unbelievably good for your muscles, which, as a runner, I find particularly helpful. Whatever your ability, swimming is for sure incredibly beneficial for everyone while being the most relaxing detox that is simultaneously incredible for you.

How are you detoxing for summer?

~ Kat

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