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Kathventures / Sunday, June 25th, 2017

Villa Borghese is a public park that is charming for all of the right reasons; and some of the wrong reasons. Probably season-dependent, but the grass was tired and unkept. This only increased its attractiveness, and complimented its brilliant fountains, glorious reflections and quiet park benches. All the while, its views, museums, bicycles and lively atmosphere didn’t overshadow the park’s quietly confident ways. Everything in the giant park just made sense; it all fitted together like an accidentally intricate puzzle.

IMG_2282Our first visit to the park began with confused brows, “It’s… so… quiet.” I think we picked the perfect time to visit Rome. Assuming its far from crowded manner was due to the time of the year combined with the most perfect temperature, mid-June brought a fantastic trip for my brother and me. Trips to Villa Borghese confirmed this. We were able to explore the stunning park without feeling overwhelmed and pushed out because of tourists. We wandered slowly, picking which path to choose next; not wanting an agenda, specifically. We watched a dog plop into a fountain and doggy paddle a few laps of the light but electric blue water.

IMG_2284.JPGThe glorious Temple of Aesculapius is, perhaps, the park’s main event. We read the board before the great monument that explains the history while a busker played the violin, adding another layer to the already lovely atmosphere. We walked around, admiring the reflections before searching the water for… tortoises. Wait, what? We excitedly pointed a few out before realising a whole huge family of them were sunbathing on the rocks a little further on, blending into their sunbeds for the day.

IMG_2304IMG_2299We spent some time at the park’s lookout point. I’m sure the view inspired the existence of every good adjective ever, my eyes taking less than a second to fall in love with it. We took photos, our eyes bathing in its brilliance, allowing the stop to round off the most amazing park in the best kind of way. The park has everything from silly and fun tourist activities (riding about on pedal bikes), chances for a slice of quiet (park benches in or out of the sun) to dashes of history to get to know Rome that little bit better.

IMG_2312We returned to Villa Borghese on the Sunday evening before we headed out for dinner. We sat by a little fountain to read; but, instead, we (surprise, surprise) played Uno! Although it was definitely the perfect spot to read, it was fun all the same. We walked slowly out of the park, catching an awesome evening atmosphere on the way. Cones were placed in a line, while rollerbladers performed tricks that were so impressive they had a big crowd around them.

You simply must visit Villa Borghese if you visit Rome in the future. We didn’t cover it all or spend as long as we would have loved to in particular parts. Along with the River Tiber, I’m certain it’s my favourite place in Rome- I’ve written a whole post dedicated to it, after all. Whether you want a grand adventure exploring the park or a quiet spot of tranquillity for a chapter or two, Villa Borghese will help you get there.

~ Kat ~

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