Rome from my Favourite Points of View

Kathventures / Friday, June 23rd, 2017

A bumpy and brilliant skyline against easy blue sky and fluffy white clouds. Picture perfect green dots that protect the river elegantly flowing through the city. The silhouette of concrete magnificence that teases an even better view when you see it up close. Rome’s beauty is just like the books say and it is from every single angle. Timelessly strong yet needing our attention right this second. Rome so often politely requested our mouths to form the perfect “o” shape and today I am documenting my favourite places to catch slices of Rome in one wonderful blink of an eye.

Villa Borghese’s lookout point

This lookout point brings tourists the views fairytales can only dream of. The day was a little misty from up high but the view brought the perfect pops of colour to complement the oranges ahead of the trees. I think the lookout point brings an element of “normal” to the grand city; a charming amount of normality to a city otherwise stand alone. Every time I analyse this photo, I find something new and I don’t wish to exhaust this any time soon. (I like to pretend I’m still exploring the city.)

IMG_2403.JPGRiber Tiber from the sidelines

Two out of three evenings in the sizzling capital city of Italy were spent on the riverbank that overlooked the River Tiber, which brought a splash of calm to our agenda-filled days. While a large chunk of Rome could not be absorbed from my seat by the water, one of my favourite parts of Rome could. The riverbank never strayed into “busy” territory, but those who pondered by brought a content kind of liveliness a day on our feet desired. My eyes fell into the river’s reflections and I could quite happily dwindle away every evening by that river… If only.

IMG_2343.JPGThe Altare dell Patria’s steps

These steps are not only impressive, but they lead to the perfect lookout point for anyone who adores architecture or is merely a novice who is starry eyed in the face of the plethora of differing make ups of buildings. My brother and I said hello to the building every time we passed and revisited because it was too tempting not to. Whether Rome was brilliantly busy or unusually quiet, the Altare dell Patria treats the eyes to the view of grand buildings, spectacular colours and an injection of the city’s unique vibe.

It is amazingly easy to stumble across a breath-taking view when visiting Rome. I could have rambled on for ever about this place and that place, but these three views appeared in my mind so quickly that I couldn’t deny an obvious top three. An extra view, however, I want to quickly mention is the view at the Knights of Malta Keyhole. I didn’t want to say too much because it’s meant to be a surprise (don’t google!), but I must say that the queue is worth the peek through the keyhole. Have you been to Rome? What are your favourite views?

~ Kat ~

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