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Kathventures / Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

Sunday promised another blue-skied, beaming-sun kind of day- just a few degrees cooler than the two days prior. Although we did question our weather apps, claiming this fact. And I guess that accounts for why we tested out a total of four scoops of gelato on Sunday. We needed cooling down, after all. Sunday began our final 24 hours in Rome and I gave my achy feet a talking to before we headed out into the city.

Ancient Rome was our first stop. Vowing that the next time we visit we will have enough time for the tours of the grand history of Rome, we opted for a wander round. The Colosseum was breath-taking. My mouth replicated the shape of the most famous amphitheatre. We wandered around the giant piece of history and tried to get at least one good snap of the – let’s face it – most difficult piece of art to capture ever. While we questioned the process behind admiring a building that endured such suffering, we admired its magnificence all the same. After a slow ponder around, we stopped off for a slice of shade and a few games of Uno before walking a long time – both of us moaning – until we reached an Italian restaurant; ready to order the best pizza I have ever eaten (plus an amazingly refreshing half a pint of Birra Moretti).

IMG_2563.JPGIMG_2583.JPGThe Vatican was my brother’s favourite destination of the trip and it’s easy to see why. My camera didn’t even nearly do the place justice. The Papal Basilica is crucial to the city’s skyline and wonderful to see up close. Religious or not, its glory immediately and modestly demands respect from anyone and everyone. The glistening water dancing in the sunshine provided a little relief from the hot day and added to the simplistic beauty of the place. It was our final big stop in Rome and it’s a sight I will never forget.

IMG_2595.JPGBy 6pm we had freshened up ready to enjoy our final evening in Rome. As we adored watching the evening unravel by the river the evening before, we headed straight there for dinner. Many have pointed out our first mistake (wanting sushi in Rome) and it had crossed our mind. We had headed out for a sushi bar we had spotted- sushi and jazz, it promised. While it was delicious, 20 euros were dropped for a total of 6 calamari and 6 sushi rolls. Oops. Lesson learnt: Stick with pizza and pasta when in Rome.

IMG_2601.JPGAll in all, my brother and I devoured nine scoops of ice cream over the two and half days we were in Rome- it’s impressive, I know. Whether we purchased them from a little ice cream shop or what seemed like a chain of some sort, our tongues were pretty delighted. Now considering myself a gelato expert, I have listed below my top four (because I couldn’t choose only three) favourite flavours I tried:

1. Pistachio

2. White chocolate

3. Passion fruit

4. Cherry

Early the next morning we headed back to the UK and, thankfully, to the one of the hottest days in England this year. I almost exclusively leave the UK on a sunny day and return on the rainiest and glummest day possible, so it was nice to get back and get to the gym, exchanging my scoop of gelato per hand for weights and fruit. Eugh. I miss you Rome.

~ Kat ~

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