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Kathventures / Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Tomorrow my brother and I are heading to (what have I heard is) the beautiful city of Rome. After months of stalking Instagram accounts, reading tales of bloggers in Rome and excitedly flicking through my Lonely Planet guide, I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. Although I am questioning the practicality of my (what I have heard is a controversially) beautiful silver backpack, I purchased my new favourite accessory with Rome in mind. I believe I’m going to look as cool as cucumber. Here are the bits and bobs I will be popping in my rucksack every morning (and shoving in my brother’s backpack because I’m choosing silver over sensible).


The Sensible Section

  • Suncream
  • Water
  • Plasters
  • Harem pants
  • A light cardigan
  • Sunglasses
  • Brush
  • Hairbands

As we all should be, I am such a suncream keen bean. Without the mixture of suncream and water, I get a dosage of heat exhaustion and that is not pretty- especially not abroad when you want to be having fun. We will be walking a lot and stumbling across a few blisters- plasters will ease the whining. I will keep some harem pants close to me for destinations that require more coverage in order to be respectful, a light cardigan if my shoulders need covering (from the sun, mostly!) and sunglasses to save my eyes! I will keep a brush and hairbands with me for when the city temperatures overwhelm me and my hair, as per usual, refuses to cooperate.

The Fun Stuff

  • A notepad and pen: I am visiting Rome with a strong intention to purchase many a beverage and sit outside pretending to be Italian at as many cafes as possible. Thus, a notepad is key. I bought my brother a matching one. Since we are not averse to being a little pretentious, the thought of sitting al fresco with a drink in one hand and a pen in another to write out all we have done makes me super excited.
  • Uno: My brother and I intend to play Uno a lot in Rome (whilst being super cultural, of course). So much that we are going to keep a tally (an I-tally, if you will). Uno is probably the most important essential in this post- a hand with two +4s will only create the best memories.
  • A book (Dreams from my Father by Barack Obama): I hope to have plenty of opportunities to soak in greenery with a book in my hand. My brother bought me this book for my birthday and I’m excited to see what it’s like. We will be surrounded by such incredible sights and they need to be the backdrop for a chapter or two.

The Organisation Musts

  • The Lonely Planet (Rome 2017 edition): I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it enough on the blog, but The Lonely Planet guides are my true love. My brother and I have planned our trip with this book at the very centre of it. I’m sure I’ll be bringing it out to help us on our adventures along the way.
  • A little money pouch: Being very wary of pick-pocketers, I’ll store my money in a little pouch all locked away in my bag for all of the gelato I’m going to test.
  • Portable charger: A portable charger is a definite essential if I use my phone to take photos and upload an Instagram or three per day. Mine is super small and will slot perfectly into my bag without taking up much space at all.

What are your summer city break essentials? While pottering around in places such as cities I am extra cautious about pesky pick-pocketers. I’m very careful about what I take with me; the number one essential really being a sense of awareness and common sense (you’ve taught me well, mum). I’m counting down the hours until I step off of the plane and into a place I am assured will be one of my favourite destinations yet! Eeee!

Have you been to Rome? I would appreciate any tips!

~ Kat ~

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