The Science Behind Making Me a Cuppa

Kath's Kitchen / Monday, May 1st, 2017

Since May marks one of the most important months of my life, I thought I’d make it ten times more thrilling by blogging every single day this month. Will she, won’t she get a degree? Will she, won’t she actually manage this challenge? It was this month last year I started blogging and using revision breaks to write a post or take a photograph for an idea- something that has definitely kept my feet on the ground through my final year of university. Therefore, I decided to celebrate my blogging birthday every single day this month. So make yourself a cuppa, sit down and read the first pointless post of Blog Every Day in May (BEDIM- so iconic).*

Ingredients | For one Kat 

  • A big and pretty mug (preferably my Oliver Bonas mug as above- thank you Lissa!)
  • Any old original teabag (I’m a student- I’m not picky)
  • Semi-skimmed milk
  • Hot water (in case you didn’t know)

How to make me the perfect cup of tea

  1. Boil a big-mug-amount of water
  2. Pick a big and pretty mug for possible Instagram opportunities
  3. Plop in teabag
  4. As SOON as the kettle is boiled pour in the water, not too far from the top (accurate)
  5. After 15 seconds of brewing, stir for 10 more
  6. Add 4 milk-lids of milk
  7. Stir again
  8. Remove teabag

I can and will drink tea at any time of the day; any time of the year. I am British, after all. For special occasions (getting in after work/completing an essay/getting ready with ten minutes to spare), I do like to spice it up. For reference, I thought I’d help you help me have an even more jolly tea-drinking experience. Making me a cup of tea will lift spirits alone but if you want to sprinkle an extra dusting of special, keep on reading. Accompany tea with:

  • A book of some sort
  • A few McVitie’s caramel biscuits
  • A whole pack of McVitie’s caramel biscuits
  • A slice of cake
  • All of the above

While I sip on my tea and realise the end of my revision break is nearing, I sigh. Why am I writing a post about tea?! Anyway, I’m excited to have this particular purpose to fill my revision breaks and might just follow my own instructions when making myself a cuppa for every post I write. This is essentially a detailed instruction manual for myself – and family! – so I don’t disappoint my tea-loving taste buds! If you have a cup of tea (a big mug!) and are looking for more questionable reading, then I am here to mildly entertain every day this month. Happy tea drinking/the best time of day!

~ Kat ~

*I’ve only transferred a few “BEDIM” posts over from my old blog to KathNotKat.

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