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Kathventures / Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

Brooke from The Student Traveler recommended I just get lost in Paris (politely so!), and this thought was constantly on my mind when Aaron and I went to Paris last week. At any opportunity we could, we would lose our bearings and just keep walking. No map and no idea. This sometimes meant we would find iconic landmarks by accident (this was exactly how we found that tower I’ve forgotten the name of), or it would mean we would have an incredible view. My favourite moments were when out lack of bearings lead us to quiet and shy parts of Paris, resulting in these places being my favourite to explore.


The first photo emerged from our walk away from The Louvre. As it was such a spring-like day we felt particularly drawn to walking everywhere. I couldn’t get over this view. We could see so much of Paris – whether that be monuments or just sprinkles of culture – from an unsuspecting point. The second photo captures much of what I adored of every day Paris: bright buildings coupled with uniform balconies; the movie-like streetlight (I’m not sure what constitutes as a “movie-like” streetlight but go with it); the bikes. It’s hard not to think, “Paris is the most beautiful place on earth,” every second of every day with moments like this. Before boring the person you’re with about all of the details as to why this is so. The third photo below was taken as Aaron and I took a stroll back from the Notre Dame with no agenda and no plans other than to walk until we needed to be back at base. We dipped in and out of the quiet parts hidden away from the streets and found cutesy little snapshots of Paris like this.

17195499_1875499356018257_1518369382_oMy top tips for getting lost in Paris are these:

  • Just keep walking
  • Jump on the metro (buy some kind of pass to make this cheap!) and pick a random stop
  • In the winter, bring all of the appropriate layers and clothing- it’s fun being caught in the rain when you’re ready for it
  • Try and use a map sometimes
  • And if you’re anything like us, fail at using the maps- you’ll have just as much fun!

When we found the quiet corners of Paris was when I felt like I could think more, absorb more and understand what Paris is about on a whole different level. And it’s not all lights and glamour. Its discretion and modest beauty. Being someone who also adores taking pretty pictures, I adore knowing that three of my favourite pictures (as seen above) came from spontaneous, relaxed moments.

~ Kat ~

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