Healthy New Year | 17 Fitness Goals

The Adventures of a Kathlete / Sunday, January 1st, 2017

Whether I complete them or not, lists are my best friends. When it comes to lists about exercise and health I am far more motivated and successful in comparison to those telling me I need to tidy my room and get my uni work done by five o’clock. So many people make fitness goals centralise around aesthetic hopes when the really fulfilling part is how that process helps our bodies, our fitness and our health. I thought I would write my 2017 goals down so I can revisit them at a later date and see what I have achieved!

  1. Run a mile in 6 minutes or less
  2. Run a 22.5 minute ParkRun time
  3. Run 10k in 48 minutes or less
  4. Run the Great South Run in 1:22:00 or less
  5. Run 18 miles
  6. Swim for 30 minutes without having a break
  7. Manage a proper pull up
  8. Do 5 pull ups in a row
  9. Do 25 press ups in a row
  10. Plank for at least 4 minutes
  11. Ski sit for 4 minutes
  12. Take up weight training
  13. Take up yoga
  14. Go climbing at least 4 times
  15. At least once a month go on an epic walk somewhere pretty (with new swanky camera and Fitbit)
  16. Do 500m on the rowing machine in 2 minutes (x 3)
  17. Up my HIIT game as the year goes on

What are your 2017 fitness goals? Happy New Year!

~ Kat ~

P.S. My brother has done something quite hilarious. If you want to know what makes your Instagram suck, have a look HERE!

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