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Kath's Kitchen / Saturday, May 28th, 2016

I’d seen Nourish Bowls floating around on Instagram (while I dreamed of having that beautifully artistic photo pretentious-ing up my own feed) a long time before I researched into them and made one myself (and by default, took a couple of photos). It’s a really simple and delicious way of getting a lot of different and important nutrition into our bodies- and it is so easy to alter into a snack, a lunch or even a dinner.


Simply typing “How to make a nourish bowl” into your internet search  bar will give you a plethora of advice, tips and facts about these handsome bowls of colours. There are lots of templates that show you how to create a Nourish Bowl and they are incredibly useful. Pictures show that there is often some kind of base then topped with veggies, fruit, protein, healthy fats, your super good carbohydrates and extra goodness to finish it off. These creations are incredibly diverse and pack in goodness and nutrition we can easily forget about.

I decided which bits and bobs are some of my favourites when it came to these general categories and all of my favourites appeared, on paper, to look like a good concoction!

  • Spinach (base)
  • Broccoli (veggies)
  • Cucumber (veggies)
  • Tomatoes (fruit)
  • Blueberries (fruit)
  • Hard boiled egg (protein)
  • Avocado (healthy fats)
  • Sweet potato (complex carbohydrates)
  • Lemon juice (extra goodness)

And my healthy goodness, I sat in the sun and devoured this. I used it as a snack, but could have easily added chicken and more sweet potato to make it a meal. Not only are these inventions incredibly diverse in what you can produce, but they can serve so many functions throughout the day. If I am hungry mid-afternoon, a Nourish Bowl really is my best friend. If I have been to the gym in the morning, I will be feeling motivated and a Nourish Bowl will continue my Dwayne Johnson, kick-butt outlook.

A few years ago putting fruit on a salad would have made me incredibly confused. Heck, me bothering to make a salad would be a little odd. I think these Nourish Bowls show us that flavours can really surprise us and that the lack of rules as to what we must put in them should only encourage us to eat this unique form of a salad. We don’t have to chuck in vegetables we feel like we have to eat or fruit that we find a bit tiring- we may as well choose the fruit and vegetables we love and make a bowl of favourites. Carpe diem and all that.

I spend a lot of my time dreaming about making my next Nourish Bowl (and then an equal amount of time dreaming about the pretty photos that could come out of it). I do like your standard salad but most of the time I’m going to want it to be sat prettily next to a main meal. I understand why so many think salads are uninteresting and a bit arduous to eat but I think Nourish Bowls can be anyone’s favourite.

~ Kat ~

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